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I'm sure everyone here knows about the AAP's new stance and that it aims to get insurance companies to cover circumcision or not to drop it "The AAP believes the health benefits are great enough that infant male circumcision should be covered by insurance, which would increase access to the procedure for families who choose it." . Then, while listening to debate about the "affordable care act" I realized they must be planning something much more calculated. I think the...
How were they able to change it like this and then get it locked down. I thought wikipedia was a sort of community project, who would be in charge of this lock down?
That's great. I was hoping there would be other medical organizations outside the US that would condemn the new AAP policy. Anyone else notice how U.S.-centric the English entry for circumcision was. I understand its a sort of community effort, but unfortunately I'm not familiar with how to make changes to the site.
Sorry to jump in out of the blue, I haven't posted on here in ages.   I haven't checked it in a long time, but wikipedia's entry for circumcision has always been hotly debated, yet managed to contain equal amounts of procirc info and pro foreskin info. Now it reads like an ad selling circumcision using the AAP's new stance as selling point.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circumcision
wooo!, i almost ranted you because i thought you were stating the first part of the post as your own words. I think quotations there would have reduced confusion or perhaps i am just easily confused lol. now that i read that correctly, i completely agree. I can't fathom the argument that "cutting is ok if reduces sexual pleasure as long as you don't intend to reduce sexual pleasure" WHAT! the outcome is the same if you cut somebody's genitals regardless of your...
  exactly, if you can hardly feel your penis why would you get aroused!?  
that is GREAT news!! most of family lives in Flint!
Quote: Originally Posted by carliec76 My just turned 6 year old has been "ballooning" for years now. I never knew what it was all about but also never gave it much thought. He is still un-retractable and has never had any issues. I say just give him warms baths. My son went through a resent "itchy" period. But it was an itch he liked to scratch not one that bothered him...lol I always thought the average age for retraction was in the tweens. I mean how...
In extremely strong erections the blood can push hard enough on the erectile structures to actually be slightly uncomfortable or even painful. This can often be surprising to young boys. In circumcised males or males with short frenula the penis can grow more than the skin can stretch which could also cause pain. Over time the repeated stretching can cause the skin to grow and accomodate the erection, much like foreskin restoration grows new skin.
it could be uneven separation or it could be that just as some girls are born with unevenly sized labia some boys are born with with uneven foreskins, and that is perfectly normal.
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