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Quote: Originally Posted by Marnica an increased risk of what????? Of contracting or bringing home the diseases we are supposed to vax against. In short, are unvaxed kids at risk if siblings are in school or if they attend school?
how many non-vaxers have kids who attend scool outside of the home? do you think there is increased risk?
So, apparently sheepskins off gas just the same as a conventional mattress, so are they still safe? My almost 4yr old has been sleeping on his for over 3 years and the new baby was sleeping on hers until I read about the arsenic and phosphorous off gassing from sheepskins. If this is all true, then even an organic mattress with wool would be dangerous, right? I don't get it, everything is apparently out to get us...
When I mentioned this might be a reaction, he yelled at me. He firmly believes that vax's are safe and is not willing to do the research or listen to me, he won't even read Dr. Sears's Vaccine Book. I believe my son also reacted to the Dtap vac, there does not seem to be any lasting effects. He will be four next month and I have stopped vaxing him. The only way he would stop is if the Dr. agreed that she reacted and it was best to stop. I don't think her Doc...
*UPDATE* I ended up calling the ped and the nurse agreed that she was having a reaction. I told her I was concerned that if she reacted from this shot she would react worse from the next. She replied that there is no way to tell except give the shot and see But then she said if I would rather stop vaxing or delay anymore shots that would be fine I got right on the phone with our naturopath and she also agreed that C is having a reaction, I am now working with the ND...
I need advice desperately... We brought our daughter home yesterday afternoon and my son is a mess. He will be 4 in July and had never been "shuffled" between relatives as he was while we were in the hospital (just 2 nights). He must have not sleep well and now he is severely exhausted. He can't control himself. Every time the baby cries he cries too. He is refusing to nap and last night sat up in his bed for extended periods of time rubbing his lovey, I asked DH...
Abbys Lane has free shipping on all orders, including the liners.
I don't know of any specific swim diapers to solve the problem, but you could use a pocket diaper with a wash cloth stuffed inside for a bit of absorbency. Or you could just remove the stuffer before swimming?
I use 3/4 of a scoop for all my laundry in a front loader. You can always do an extra rinse if you need to, but try going up.
we decided not to send him next year. He still has his spot for kindergarten and if we like it he will stay as long as we are in the area. Unfortunately the decision had to come down to the cost, we couldn't justify the extra 1,350.
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