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We use sewchris2642's recipe. I have found that the neon food coloring colors the play dough better and lasts longer.
My ds has mild hypotonia and he wears sure steps http://www.surestep.net/ to help support his ankles. From what I understand pronation of the ankles is common with kids that have low muscle tone. They have helped my ds quite a bit with his stability.
Congrats maciascl, and yay for pell grants goldfishkate!
Quote: Originally Posted by confustication subbing At the moment, I'm feeling frustrated. I have multiple advanced degrees, but unless we move, they aren't any use to me. We manage, but only beause we have insanely low bills. Does anyone else find themselves scoffing at the ads on tv with kids opening thousands of dollars worth of gifts on Christmas morning? I really hate those adds right now
Quote: Originally Posted by waiting2bemommy faierierose, I'm so sorry you are facing this. Have you looked into any family shelter places near you? There is one near me that puts up whole families in regular single family dwellings (2 families to a 4 bedroom house) for up to 2 years while they get back on their feet. that way the kids can stay in their schools and so forth. there are also housing programs that will pay your rent for you for a few months...
Can I join, I've been lurking for a while. My dh was laid off at the beginning of September. Unemployment has not been enough to keep up with the bills. We have 5 kids, we were already as frugal as we can be so there isn't anything to cut. We are packing up and going to stay with my sister in another state until we can get back on our feet. We can only take essentials with us, we can't afford to rent a truck. This is really just devastating me
Quote: Originally Posted by Dandy I am not sure about the answer to potty training, it will probably depend on who you ask. I didn't think my 3 1/2 would EVER be ready to go on the potty, he doesn't care if he goes in his undies or not (we are in the midst of it right now) but he will go if I sit him on the toilet and ask him to go. Our developmental pediatrician said that some kids, esp high functioning autism spectrum, like to have their gross motor...
I once had a very nice neighbor who loved to give my dd stuff, her daughters were grown and she missed them terribly. This was stuff I would never get for my dd, boxes full of heavily scented soaps, perfumes, lotions, boxes of fast food toys. It bothered me but I didn't have the heart to ask her to stop or to keep them from dd so I don't have any advice for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by remijo Hi, I am joining here. It has been a very difficult year for us. DH and I both got laid off in July and had to move in with the in-laws. We found an apt a couple months later and moved out thinking it would be a matter of time before I found a job. Not true... the job market is terrible and I guess no one wants to hire a 7 month pregnant woman - not even telemarketing which I thought would be a sure shot. DH is...
Quote: Originally Posted by josybear i don't understand what you're asking. are you asking about work, the logistics of separation, if you should separate? are you looking for support? this stuff is hard, sometimes it's difficult to organize your thoughts. be gentle with yourself, mama. Your right, it is really hard to organize my thoughts right now. I wish more then anything none of this was even happening. I guess what I'm trying to decide...
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