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The bleeding stopped after I stopped taking Metformin. I've been free and clear for about 2 weeks. I'll have an ultrasound this week to check the lining. I am really hopeful this is all behind me now.
Read Dr. Barnard's book on Reversing Diabetes. Good info in there. http://www.nealbarnard.org/diabetes_book.htm
I'm a vegan who has weight to lose. I finally found the best way for me. I exercise every day at the gym on the ellipitical machine. I don't go home until I've burned 500 calories. Usually takes an hour. I feel this exercise is key to my whole plan. I eat fruit for breakfast For lunch I eat something high in fiber and low in fat, like beans or a faux meat product like the BBQ beef from Lightlife on a low fat whole grain bun. For dinner I eat a veggie based...
Hands down the best veggie dogs are by Tofurkey. Those actually taste pretty real. They've got a chipotle frank that's flavorful and my kids like the plain franks a lot.
The mom is really whiny and annoying. I see where they're going with this and all but she really brings the action down. I hope they phase her out and bring in someone else for comic relief, like a geeky CIA person or something.
Oh happy day, the bleeding is all but stopped now! Just a little spotting. I wonder if I will ever ovulate again...
I'm just having a real heavy period (not that I wasn't before but ...) We're just waiting to see if after the lining sheds the bleeding will stop or if the bleeding will just keep right on going. If it ain't gone by next Friday I'll start to assume it's not going to stop since it will have been about 10 days of bleeding. I'm on no drugs now which is good. I suppose.
After my miscarriage many years ago I went 6 months without a cycle. But I also recall that the bleeding from my miscarriage lasted 21 days and they told me later that I probably should have told someone and got a D&C or something because that was too long to bleed. At the 6 month point they gave me progesterone for 10 days and that got me all jump started again.
My Ob/Gyn was surprisingly open to ending the metformin to see what happens. But she wants me to wean off over a 1 week period which is fine with me. I was actually tolerating the metformin really well so I was happy to stay on it but it's not doing much for me. however, she also had results from my ultrasound which showed a 15mm lining! That is apparently really thick, which is horrible after 2.5 months of bleeding already. So she wants to have me stop taking the...
Researched the hyponidd, sounds very intriguing. I'd be totally open to trying something like that
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