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My kids are vegan and in preschool and 2nd grade. What I do is at the beginning of the year I find a time to talk to the teacher alone. I tell her we're a vegan family and I hand her a one page list of items my kids can and cannot eat (two columns). On this sheet is my phone number (home and cell) and I tell her she can call me anytime if she has a question. Next, I bring in a gallon size ziploc bag of special occasion treats like cookies that aren't perishable. I...
The fluffy pancake recipe in Vegan Family Favorites works if you like the pancakes very thick and fluffy. Not as healthy as probably the one in Raising Vegetarian Children but it's not bad either.
The interview was on the Today show when Patricia Arquette was being interviewed (If I am remembering correctly that is...) Regarding the last episode with teh car crash and big old cell phone... wasn't the Ariel character calling for her mom? Would the older Casey have been calling for her mom? I was a little confused by that.
I totally know what you mean. I was very disturbed by the episode, esp. seeing the kid in the box. Very upsetting. I am surprised they went there. That kid looked a lot like mine and I know what you mean about once you have kids you just can't bear seeing anyone hurt a child, even on tv. I read an interview that they just really wanted to bring attention to this sort of thing since it's becoming more common, and for parents to keep a better watch on their kids when...
Hello, the link that Mimiharshe posted is not formatted correctly. Here is the correct link: www.veganfamilyfavorites.com/order.php It's true, I'm moving out my inventory. The regular price is $19.95 and it's on sale for a limited time for $6.72. I'll even autograph the book if you'd like, just indicate that on the order form comment section.
Hey everyone, it's me, the original poster. Since it would only take a second I thought I'd update. My child is now 4 years old and he's all caught up except for a very slight gross motor delay that looks more like caution than lack of skill. IN other words, he climbs more slowly and takes less risks physically but he seems capable of doing what his peers do. Cognitively he is through the roof. Tests very smart on cognition tests. Our Early Intervention...
But the fingernail scene nearly undid me. I was skeeved out for hours. Why did they need to show that? It was funny when they went to take Dean's tooth out and the doorbell rang and he was like, "You gonna get that?"
I may be the boss of my own actions but he can refuse to see us and is the boss of his own practice. We actually got along great after we were done talking about the vaccine issue. He promised never to bring it up again (rare) and we moved on. I just was curious about the legality. Thanks for your posts ladies. You are fast! And I appreciate your thoughts.
He attempted to intimidate me but I never gave in to his intimidation tactics. I never even felt intimidated. I've been through this too many times and I was ready to walk out if it became an issue. years ago his line of questioning would have intimidated me, but not anymore. I just kept steering him towards the reason we were there. I just wanted to know if he could legally ask me my religion. I want to be prepared next time it comes up.
We went to a new pediatrician in town and on the form I put that we don't vaccinate for religious reasons. He came into the room and started laughing and winking at me saying, "Uh huh... religious reasons... right. What religion?" I said, 'I don't think you're allowed to ask me that because it violates my religious freedom" He laughed more and said, "If I was hiring you for a job I couldn't ask, but I'm allowed to ask on this matter." It went on from there. ...
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