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www.vegfamily.com/vegan-recipes/index.htm www.vegweb.com
Alrighty, chickens eat bugs. Gotcha Thanks for clearing that up for me. I had no idea.... My grandfather had a chicken ranch and sold the eggs from the chickens. Even he kept them in cages in the barn, said it was much easier to control them that way. I read that even chickens who get to roam free do it on dirt with little to actually eat. The farmer still feeds them what he wants to feed them.
I don't think chickens eat bugs. I think they eat grains, if I'm not mistaken. Allowed to roam free and eat their natural diet, I think they are vegetarian naturally. Most of the meat people consume in the country are from herbivorous animals, not carnivorous ones. Not sure where bugs fit in though.
Look on www.vegweb.com
Yes! Me me! Link to recipe This is a vegan recipe. but you can unveganize it easily by using eggs instead of egg replacer and cow milk instead of soy or rice milk. But this recipe is just what you're looking for. Frosting and everything!
We use earth balance. Love it. Good stuff.
That's a scam. What happens is they send you materials that show you how when you place an ad like theirs you can get suckers to send you $49 for a starter kit too. No one is actually doing anything, you're all just competing for ad space for more suckers. Avoid those. Legitimate work at home opportunities require skill, no monetary investment, and someone will interview and hire you from a real company. The ads where you pay to get information like that are...
I think breastmilk is like 70 or 90% water or something. I'm sure someone else will know. But I am pretty sure babies don't need water directly as long as they are breastfed.
Thanks ladies. That sets my mind at ease.
The type of tofu you use is definitely important in that recipe. I used soft tofu from a different company and it was still all chunky. Also, I have a Vitamix which makes soft tofu into liquid. If you use a food processor or regular blender I'll bet it doesn't work as well.
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