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Hi everyone i'm not not sure if i am posting in the right section.I would like to get some information on Asperger's syndrome.What exactly is it?Does anyone have children with it and how do you deal with it? I would appreciate any info you can give me.Thanks
Peanut butter works wonders at removing chewing gum from little peoples hair,but as to it working on a couch: I would think the oil in the butter would stain the couch Sorry not much help but just thought i would mention the butter incase darling hubby gives it to her again and it ends up in her hair!!!
How about what it says in your article from issue 107 july/august about Flouride?In the first paragraph it says"Flouride drops,tablets,and vitamins are mor elikely to damage childrens teeth than to prevent cavities according to mainstream dental groups such as the Canadian dental association and the Western Australia Health departments Dental service.Both organizations have stopped recommending flouride supplements.
My son is five,has never had flouride,went for his first dental check up a couple of weeks ago and was told his teeth were excellent.He has a healthy diet(no pop,candies,sugar cereal etc) and we have our own well water. I have never used flouride on him as anything i have read about it is not good.I did read somewhere that the only thing more poisonis is arsnenic. Have you ever looked at mainstream toothpaste and the little message on the tube"children under six must be...
we had a mattress on the floor so he wouldn't hurt himself if he rolled off.We also left the bedroom door open with a babygate over the entrance so he couldn't crawl out of the room on the off chance that i wouldn't hear him if he got up.(like that evr happened!!!)I still kept the gate on even when we were all in bed,i was so scared of him going out the room one night and falling on the stairs(just in case i got into a deep sleep,ha ha
Try to buy organic if you can.I have heard many times not to buy any produce from Mexico because of the high pesticide use and they still use pesticides down there that are illegal in the states. i get a wonderful magazine here in Canada called"Alive" and it is a great source of information about eating and living a healthy lifstyle.they have a web site www.alivepublishing.com My son is five now and still loves his avacados and yes the organic ones taste better.I think...
"your out of sync child".... if i remember rightly there was a questionaire in it similar to what the specialist would give you. this is a good book to read.
i feel for you all.Our son is now five,but for the first three years of his life he was not a sleeper.Up every 20 mins or so during the night and trying to get him to take a nap during the day was more of a struggle than anything,so i gave up too.I ignored the house(never really paid too much attention to it anyway!!)i took the clock out the bedroom,stopped listening to people who had kids that slept,i went to bed when he went to bed and basically just went with what he...
I know of a child who was round about the same age as yours and was having night terrors too.The parents took him to their homeopath.I dont know what it was that she gave their child,but within one dose fo it their child had no more night terrors!
Hi angelsmama,it is late here but just one thing that jumped out at me about what your daughter eats is the chicken noodle soup.Do you make your own or is it store bought?The store brand will most likely have monsodium glutimate(MSG) in it and it is VERY bad for you.I make all my own soups and for a while was using a soup base from the health food store that i thought was ok until i discovered it had BHt(which is in mosy cereals to preserve the freshness) and it is also...
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