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Hi Audrey,i have never given my son any fluroride drops or toothpaste as i have read quite alot about how posionious it is. He is four and seems to have healthy teeth,although he won,t have anything to do with the dentist,so he has never been checked. i use a natural non fluroride toothpaste. If you live in a town and your baby starts to drink the water, there is most likely fluroride in it and often as children consume fruit juices eyc, dependent on where they are...
Thanks jbcjmom, good suggestion. I will try it next time. You do have a good point about bending the rules and it being harder to enforce the next time. I understand your feelings about the video games too. It helps that your neighbour is supportive of your choices too.
i need some advice about my four year old son being exposed to toy guns etc at friends homes. My husband and i will not allow any guns etc in our home and feel quite stronly about our son not playing with them. I have talked to our son about guns and what they do, hurt, kill and that he does not learn anything from playing with them. What i find hard is when we are at someone elses home and their son is running around with a gun. I don't want to offend the parents by...
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