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It sounds like my oldest son when he was little and had eaten a hot dog. have you noticed any food correlation? My youngest son does the hyperintense hard to handle thing (but not ragey, he just has emotional breakdowns at a rapid rate) when he eats anything with corn in it. I swear you can see him start to vibrate.
I'm here, but my kids are quite a bit older =) We'd be happy to meet up sometime if you'd lik!e
Crashing, but I've so had the random freak outs. When I was pregnant with my first, rather early on maybe 4 months or so, it was freaking cold outside, and my so at the time rolled over, taking all the covers with him. I swear I sobbed, teh big sup sucking kind of crying for 2 freaking hours because he didn't care about us and he wanted me and his baby to freeze and die. I totally lost it..the next morning it was hysterical, but if I thought about it too hard I'd cry again...
She sounds a lot like my daughter who is almost 12 now and still has reflux issues. I ended up weaning her because I thought it had to be something I was eating, and I couldn't' survive on turkey and squash alone, i was too poor to afford that for every meal. I really think part of her issue was a lip tie, her frenulum on her front lip goes down between her front teeth, she spent a good bit of time in speech therapy because of it. I think a chiropracter really would be a...
I think I'd just take the seat outside and wash the cover, hose down the plastic parts instead of replacing it. In my experience safety glass breaks into pebbly pieces without a whole lot of the teeny shard pieces, so I think it could be safely reused.
I vote each of you give a gift of 50, including the ring bearer and flower girl =D
Well, the only experience I have with bipolar is vicarious. I have a couple friends who were married to bipolar men, one medicated, one not. And my mother in law was bipolar. I know for a fact her thinking was just..off. What she thought was reality was not, but she reacted with ferocity to what she thought was real. She also decided a couple years after her diagnosis that she wasn't the one with the problem, everyone else was and quit taking the seroquel. She blew through...
How artistic are you? I'd get a whole bunch of junk and make an art in progress of a ten foot dog pooping.
I've usually been pressed for time when i do pool parties. The kids are more than happy to play in the pool, you won't need any games, and getting them out of the water, dressed and in the room for cake and presents takes up the other hour.
I usually set it up as "I have this person coming at 4, if they no-show I will contact you. If I don't get a reply by 6 I will go to the next person on the list." The only time that hasn't worked was when I was selling a paintball gun in an area with no paintball fields. I got one reply offering a third of the asking price. I didn't even bother responding.
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