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My 18 month old has started sleeping 8-12 hours a night without nursing, not every night but more than half. He wakes up and nurses once a night now, if he wakes up. He went down to one nap a day and started sleeping longer at night. A month ago he was still waking and nursing multiple times a night.    My older son was about 21 months when he stopped waking and nursing at night.    We started giving him a water cup at night and that seems to help. 
Thanks for asking this! I am happy to see so many people saying to save them. I've been wondering the same thing so I've just left a bunch of too small underwear in my son's drawer.
You could also post in the Finding Your Tribe forum (http://www.mothering.com/community/f/82/new-york-new-jersey-pennsylvania) to find other moms in your area.    Congratulations on your move and pregnancy!
simplemom podcast ins't AP exactly but I like what I've heard recently, I listened to one about homeschooling and enjoyed it. 
I have a kindergartener in a 'good' public school this year He also has a great, experienced kindergarten teacher who is considered 'the best' among other parents. I don't have experience with Montessori but I can tell you what he has been working on.   in class: He is working on learning to sound out words, identifying what sounds go with what letters, practicing his writing of numbers, words and letters.  He is learning a lot of songs that help remember the...
I was given a hand-me-down New Native Pouch from my aunt when I was pregnant and then I met some ladies at LLL who showed me all the other types.
In yesterday's clothes?   A grocery bag?   the lock?   The bathroom?
Thanks for the suggestions. Sometimes when I get caught up in the situation it is hard to think of solutions, even though I might be able to think of them at another time.    I took my son out for ice cream on Saturday night and left the baby home with my husband. It was really nice and I forgot how much easier it is to go somewhere with just one child. I played Candyland with him on Sunday and we practicing batting off the t in the backyard when the baby was...
Basically I don't know what to do and I feel awful, that I am failing my son and my husband.   I have two sons my 4 1/2 year old and a 5 month old.  My older son I just picked up from a playdate and he ran out of his friend's house, away from me, so I had to catch him and ended up carrying him to the car, while his friend's mom carried the baby. This is the 3rd incident this week.    Thursday morning he didn't want to go to school (pre-K for 2.5 hours), we were...
My 2 cents (some of which has already been said):   1) He needs more time to talk and play. Take him to the playground where he can be loud, have play dates where he can talk for hours etc. Explain to him why he should be quiet/respectful of others needs in school and give him the opportunity to balance the quiet/loud time.    2) Maybe the problem over the break was a change in routine rather than video games. I think most children have more trouble right after a...
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