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A few days later, they e-mailed me back, apologized and said they would sent it out and not charge me shipping. Yippee. I'm traveling right now, so I haven't been home to receive the package.
Perhaps the Burley site (or other sites) have dealer listings. I think you might be allowed to try it before you buy it. Just ask.
http://www.verymeri.com/ That company (LA celebs buys them, I think tees are $20) makes t-shirts designed by kids! Really cute stuff. http://www.jackapotamus.com/ Love that woman's grapic designs. She's a mom in LA. I love the threadless page. I love Old Navy for t-shirts. I think their graphics department is great. But yeah, too much boring sporty stuff. I don't like Target t-shirts and annoying sayings t-shirts.
My daughter brings a little book into her Burley, a BIG warm fleece blanket on cold mornings, little stuffed animals, little toy phones, even snacks. I don't think she ever gets bored.
I am not comfortable with the idea of a bike seat behind me because I'd be worried about the weight and me being able to keep my balance. I consider myself a weakling. So I really prefer my Burley trailer. One argument I read online against the bike seat behind the rider is that all the bumps on the road are felt up the spine of the baby/toddler. Another thing is... if I happen to fall over, the Burley won't. It will stay upright, so kids are safer. One...
Is there an online link somewhere to the interview? Could someone post it please?
I have a Burley trailer and I love it. I know Americans are paranoid about safety and dammit, I'd have second thoughts about putting a baby in a carseat in a Burley too... until I saw this... I recently saw a woman in my suburban neighborhood on a bike I've never seen before. It has a huge "wooden" box in the front and she was riding it empty to work. She was sweating bullets. It was the coolest thing I'd seen on a bike and I had to pull over and ask her "WHAT are you...
I placed the order on 3/21/09. I e-mailed them today.
I sent $15 paypal to the Alaska company, but they did not mail me the soaps.
Quote: Originally Posted by PaigeC Ummm, I think Barbara Loe Fisher would disagree. I was going to say the same thing.
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