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My husband came home from work today and told me about his coworkers who are dropping like flies from the flu. I'm not ordinarily paranoid about germs at all, but it just so happens that I'm 36 weeks pregnant and unvaccinated. So now I'm freaking out a little. I have a clean diet and am already taking some supplements for GBS (echinacea, probiotics, garlic... can't remember what else!) What else can I do prophylactically?
My first was just about two years old and it did coincide with night weaning. My second began STTN sporadically really early, like around 4 months old. I just felt super lucky since sleep was quite an issue with her brother.
I ate some yesterday too. :) Pregnancy is hard - you can always find something to worry about!
Thanks, appreciate that. 
I took a hot bath tonight... maybe 15-20 minutes. I didn't really even think about it being a problem until I got out. I wasn't submerged in the water, it was covering my legs and abdomen. And I was sweating - I usually take these baths with the goal of sweating. I'm just barely pregnant - 4 weeks and a few days. I am trying to tell myself to relax but I am kinda freaking out. About 20 minutes after I got out of the bath I took my temperature and it was down to 98.6. I...
Just finished reading this thread! Thinking about TTC #3 and about to get tested for MTHFR. My son is healthy, no allergies, no behavioral diagnoses (thank God we did not vax!!) He does have a few midline issues... tiny butt dimple and lip tie for instance. My daughter however has a handful of very serious midline issues (heart, spine, etc.). She also has a genetic disorder.    ANYWAY my question is - do you knowledgeable MTHFR people recommend a prenatal vitamin or...
Bumping this to see if anyone has any more info. I'm in Roswell but would travel just about anywhere as a chlorine pool is simply not an option for my daughter. I can't find any info on whether or not the new pool at Piedmont is chlorine. May have to give them a call unless anyone here can confirm?
Hi, not a lot of time to read and post but I wanted to recommend GAPS. My daughter has severe GI issues and GAPS is helping. Also the rest of my family follows the "full" version of GAPS. Very few complaints from my husband, he loves the food! There are a lot of goof recipes out there. My husband can eat what he wants on his own time but he agrees not to bring crap home. Amazingly his taste buds have changed, even just following the diet 50% of the time. He used to love...
My son and I did GAPS (which is all traditional foods, less grains) and we were dairy-free on the full version of the diet for awhile. It's really pretty easy. Is there something in particular that you are concerned about?   Out of curiosity, have you tried raw milk? 
Could he get a Vitamix? It can liquefy just about anything.
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