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There is "white play sand" which is "100% natural, sterile, and contains no free silica or quartz" for sale at www.childcraft.com It's $19.99 for a 25lb bag. Kinda expensive, but if you're just looking for a small amount for one of those little tyke sand tables...They also have what they call "Jurassic Sand" It's described as, "clean, soft sand with unique natural red color. Dust-free, ideal for children with allergies and asthma." 25lbs will run you $39.99 and 50lbs...
No, at least it isn't sold at the Wal mart near me. My husband's parents have a house in Littleton, have you ever been there?
Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum...and don't forget to empty the bag every time you vacuum. If you don't, you aren't really getting rid of the fleas or the eggs, they will just hatch in the vacuum bag! I have never had fleas in my home, but I remember we had them all the time when I was a kid... Good Luck!
I fill a spray bottle with club soda and a splash of vinegar. Club soda contains sodium citrate which softens the water and helps it clean. For the absolute best results, I use two lint free rags: one that gets wet for the first wipe, and one for the dry wipe. I don't ever use newspapers to clean with. Newspapers clean windows because of the solvent power of the inks used in them. When you clean with them you expose yourself to the residues of those inks.
I use Bi-O-Kleen products and I love them! I use the laundry liquid for everything, including cloth diapers, and I have never had any problems. My diapers always smell like nothing (which is what you want) and they have lasted for two kids. I use Bac-Out Stain and Odor Eliminator for really tough stains. It says on the bottle that it "contains more strains of live enzyme producing cultures" for multiple uses. I also use the Oxygen Bleach Plus (like OxiClean but it's...
Okay OliveGirl and BeeMama,You have beautiful hair, I love your curls!!!!! I have SUPER straight, long hair. When I was a little girl I used to beg my mom to put in those pink foam rollers. I would sleep on them all night (not comfy at all) and then in the morning my hair would be beautiful, tons of curls...for about 20 minutes! Then it would be right back to straight! I think you both look great with long hair, but I know long hair can be a pain, and long curly hair...
I have been LUSTING after a miele vacuum for a long time! It is the first ever certified HEPA vacuum. The S500 and S600 series are completely sealed systems with HEPA filtration. They are rated to retain 99.9% of all lung damaging particles 0.3 microns and larger. I think they would be effective in dealing with lead dust, but I'm not an expert, so do some of your own research to be sure. Check out the National Safety Council's tips on cleaning up lead at www.nsc.org...
You did what you knew how to do, and when you knew better, you did better! It sounds like you are making some very positive changes in your life that are going to benefit your entire family!
My daughter has worn cloth diapers her entire life with NO problems. Then along came our son, and we are buying disposables for him to wear at night because he is such a heavy wetter. He wears prefolds during the day with no problems, but if I use them at night, he wakes up because he is so wet. I don't want to buy anymore disposables, what should I use for him at night? Thanks for your help mamas!
You did a GREAT job with your photographs! Don't pay for anyone else to do it, yours are too good!
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