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I just the the Gaiam harmony catalog...they have some pretty, colorful, sateen sheets in pure certified organic cotton. They come in colors like wine, moss, purple, sand, sky blue... check them out at www.gaiam.com
Sorry for all of the posts, toddler fingers are so quick!
I'm definitely not OCD, but I love those that are ! What a well- founded list Elizabeth, thank you! You have given me some things to think about!
Thanks for such a well-founded list. You have given me some things to think about!
I definitely don't have OCD, but I love people that do! Thanks for such a well-founded list. You have given me some things to think about!
Have you seen the packaged wipe that you use to clean your microwave? You put it in the microwave until the package pops. The wipe inside is moist so once it has burst open steam comes out. Then you take out the warm wipe and use it to clean out your microwave. I guess it is supposed to help you scrub off dried on gunk, but what about just a bowl with a little lemon water? We hardly ever have to clean our microwave because we hardly ever use it.
In the book Clean House Clean Planet by Karen Logan she recommends filling a spray bottle with water then adding 3 tbsp. liquid soap (I use Dr. Bronner's peppermint) or 1 tbsp. liquid detergent. Shake to mix and then spray away. She said it is effective on silverfish, spiders, pincher bugs, small roaches and ants. I used it on ants that I had around a plant and it worked like a dream, totally got rid of them in a matter of two days. I did check the area frequently and...
Why aren't they good to use when pregnant? I'm due in August/September.
Don't forget to empty the bag after you vacuum (outside would be best) that way you don't have flea eggs hatching in your bag. Also would your cats tolerate a flea comb? Our dog has never had fleas, and we don't use any preventative, I hope our luck holds out!
I discovered ants recently coming out of a plant (kinda weird because they just showed up one day, the plant has never been outside...) I got rid of them with Dr. Bonner's peppermint soap and water. Just mix it in a spray bottle and spray it directly on the ants. The soap just dries them up. Once you have gotten rid of the ants check the area frequently and spray any new ones you see. I think in two or three days of frequent checking I was ant free! Good Luck!
New Posts  All Forums: