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Count me in too! I used to be an elementary school teacher, and I had no problem thinking of ideas for my students, but my 16 month old, now that's a different story! :
Another good book to check out is Clean House, Clean Planet by Karen Logan. She has some great ideas about using olive oil as a furniture polish, plain club soda as a window cleaner... I have actually enjoyed making and using my cleaning supplies! Another plus is when my dd is old enough, she can help me clean, I won't be using anything toxic!
This actually kept me up last night. I'm sure I sound a little nutty, I just feel like everytime I turn around I hear about something else that is toxic. Thank you all for your replies! I will actually go to sleep tonight, after I brush my teeth that is! Thank you!
You sound like my dh Alexander, "Calm yourself"! Thanks for your reply. Does anyone else have any advice/information?
After reading a few threads about "silver" (yeah, right) fillings, I am beside myself! I am currently nursing a six month old and I have about 6 fillings in my mouth. I am just sick that I may be putting mercury in my daughter!! Do you think it would be better to have them removed now, or wait until after she is weaned? I think I read on a thread that Smilemomma said that having them removed exposed you to more mercury than having them in your mouth, but that removing...
I'm curious, why do you "question the whole business of teaching this stuff"? I am against teachers having kids do pages of the same type of problem, because if they can do 10, then they don't need to waste their time doin' 100 of them, but I think the concept of basic math facts are important. Can you elaborate on your opinion?
Here's a trick for learning "nines" Put both of your hands on a table side by side. Let's take 9x4 as an example, bend your fourth finger (bend it at the joint) on your left hand down. Do you see three fingers to the left of the bent one, and six fingers to the right of the bent one? That stands for thirty-six! Get it?
Mamapie your letter to the evil red one was the best laugh I have had today!!!
I have heard that mayonnaise works wonders! I know this sounds weird, but just glob a lot of mayo on your head and work it through. Put a shower cap on, and leave the mayo in all day. Then wash your hair and blow dry on the hottest setting. I used to be a teacher, and one of my students had lice, her mom got rid of them with this method! Good Luck!
We usually give our dd a bath once or twice a week. I wash her face and hands every day (even though she doesn't like it). I like to use Burt's Bees soap. It doesn't seem to be drying to her skin. It is a buttermilk soap with a vegetable soap base. It has honey, buttermilk, oatmeal flour, and smells so good. I like the Baby Bee diaper ointment too, although we hardly ever use it. I use plain water and unbleached cotton wipes to clean her when I change her diaper,...
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