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please visit co-sleepingsurvey.com to sign up as a SAFE cosleeper and see a current list of anti cosleeping articles in the news.
you could check out these sites http://safebedsharing.org/ and these cosleeping friendly links
if so please visit this site and add your name to the list of safe co-sleepers. has anyone seen any anti cosleeping type stuff in their local media? New York and Florida are having big campaigns now. Is anyone from there?
If so, check out this really short survey.
I've breastfed 6 kids, 4 during pregnancies. It was always a challenge for me to stay hydrated because fluids don't want to stay down when you are nauseated, but what I learned over the years is the pain went away when I was fully hydrated. The body is using so much of the fluid for the baby inside, that breastmilk becomes secondary to amniotic fluid. My advice would be to keep a water journal or get a water bracelet....you would be surprised how busy you can get in a day...
any moms interested in adding their names to a list of safe co-sleepers please visit this link. Co-SleepingSurvey.com
what kind of trouble is she getting in?
We are currently sleeping with 3 little ones. A 3 year old, 2 year old and a 3 month old. My husband commented the other day that we have 100 fingers and toes in our bed. =) I couldn't imagine not having my little snugglers all around me.
You don't mention how old your baby is. Also, what are your reasons for night weaning? I still nurse my 2 1/2 year old and 1 year old. They both nurse through the night occasionally. I just nurse them, they fall back to sleep and so do I. Have you heard of child led weaning? Most babies around the world nurse til 3 or 4 years or longer, including at night. Little bellys get hungry. Also, you probably have tried this, but I spoke with a mom not long ago who had...
Have you tried nursing him back to sleep, or maybe taking a nap with him? My kids were never nappers, (5 kids) unless in was in my lap. I currently have a 2 year old and a 1 year old of napping age and the only time either one naps is when they are nursing or if I am holding them (sometimes in their slings they nap too) I just keep doing what ever and they fall asleep. My 2 year old get cranky with out her afternoon nap sometimes, so I usually just sit down and nurse...
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