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I couldn't imagine gaining as much weight as any of you for a pregnancy..good luck to everyone
Quote: Originally Posted by Earth Angel Hey, anyone else read Newsweek? They have a little tiny section called "beliefwatch" and thier topic for this week is 12/21/12. Its very interesting what even Newsweek is saying. There is this conference in Santa Fe, NM http://www.2012ascensionsymposium.com/ that they mention. ! That is an interesting link..too bad I only just saw it today otherwise i would have definitely gone. did anyone go...
omg do NOT let her use castor oil as it can cause many unwanted/unneeded interventions and harm to the baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
no wonder theres so many fat people in our ddc:
Personally I'm too wrapped up in my own life to care what how otehr women go about their pregnancies. Then again I don't ask specifics either..
I'm in the middle..I'm also waaaay shortest http://i105.photobucket.com/albums/m...ledheart/b.jpg
Pink for girl
KateSt: Hey welcome back!! That story is so wonderful to hear about your son healing you. It's good to see you back (btw just got your email -thanks!)
Quote: Originally Posted by bigislandmama The comment that I am getting the most of right now is: "Was this pregnancy planned?". people are such idiots-they have no class cometimes. like what's the point of that comment anyways? i have a friend who went off her birth control when she got married and said "whever we have kids we have em". just brush them off your back b/c obviously you *want* the baby so it shouldnt matter how "mapped...
I'm sorry you had to get stung and that it was painful...but i'm glad to hear that you didn't die or even come close b/c that's a b*tch. i agree with the baking soda thing but it *might* sting a bit but idk that may just be a personal reaction. good luck avoiding those nasty creatures
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