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are you still sleeping well at night? Overall yes. There are some nights where I have too many thoughts to sleep.
Where are you having your baby? birthing center Do you know the gender? It's a girl, and no the doctors don't "know"that yet Was your pregnancy planned Ofcourse
What is your absolute favorite food?" Sirnica (pronounced Sear-neat-sah)
So whatcha confused about? Hmm..good question..I guess lately I've been confused as to why so many people feel the need to be all up in my business-I'm a really private person. What is an unusual memory of your life? Being stuck between my parents bed/head board and the wall and all I knew to say was "no, no ,no
Quote: Originally Posted by Pandora114 They feel like grapes coming out of your bum hole at all time. They itch they hurt and when you wipe with not so gentle TP you want to crawl into a hole and die... They are acctually variscosities (read varicose vein type things) In and around your bumhole.. My grampa always told me that you got em from sitting on cold ground....That's how I thought I got the ones when I was pregnant with DD, since I sat on...
Quote: Originally Posted by familylove Brianne: I'm not trying to be disagreeable here, but I think its perfectly legitimate for a hospital/doctor to diagnose BPD. As you know, when someone is in the throes of a manic or depressive episode, it is quite obvious that mental illness is present. IMO, narrowing down the mental illness to BPD wouldn't be difficult, especially if the person were in a manic phase. Of course it would be preferable to be...
[COLOR="Magenta"]I can relate to a lot (not all) of the things you described. Though I have experience, I'm not a "doctor"so you'd need to be evaluated before you can know for sure. I really think you should mention it to your doctor and find out for sure.
Twice a day I do about 4 different leg exercises, lift weights, and do repititions to tone my arms. I walk/do yoga 3-4 times a week. I'm thinking about swimming again...
I't's weird..I think my love is having weird baby dreams for me LoL. I used to rememebr dreams but not in the last few months I don't remember anything..
OK I know this is dumb..but what exactly are hemmeroids?? I know that you can get them during pg, and they're butt related but other than that I'm clueless. : They don't sound fun though and I'm sorry for those going through them
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