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False-never had it TPBM is *not* a morning person
True...especially being so busy with school and moving etc. : TPBM is already turning their baby onto their favorite music
Quote: Originally Posted by paganmum These days I have that not so fun uncomfortable feeling and have started getting impatient when I think about 2012 kind of like I want it to get here faster. (does that make any sense?) That's so great that you have 'experience' to relate to your children and allow then to *be*.I think that it is wonderful that you are homeschooling your children since they know what paths they need to follow...
Quote: Originally Posted by TwinMomWendy No-ell-ani. Pretty easy!:
True-otherwise I'm wasting a lot of time and money at school,etc. TPBM is/was the first one in her generation of family to have a baby
I always have to fall asleep on my stomach so I'm glad I'm still able to .Not to rub it in or anything-just beign grateful .I'm sure I'll eventually have to stop sleeping on my belly also..
congrats on the good u/s news
Hmm this is very interesting. I make a suggestion that a couple of the posts in here have sent up a warning for me(you know kinda like intuition?) Yet I didn't actually accuse anyone because i respect that everyone can say what they want-and besides it's only a computer. Still I get a few responses with people wanting me to 'clarify' what I mean. I think that is kinda strange for that to be posted in here-It's one thing if you PM me-as i didn't let myself get off topic....
Quote: Originally Posted by JaneyHD Not sure if I count. I WOH f/t, as does DH, and we're both taking classes. I'm SLOWLY working on the prerequisites for midwifery school. Finished stats in the spring and am now inching through anatomy & phsiology. Next up, microbiology. I'm taking them via distance learning at Athabasca U in Canada. I figure spring 2008 for midwifery school! I'd say you count..anatomy/ physiology isn't the easiest...
Aw I'm sorry you're having such a problem with being over heated. I get similar feelings when i'm outside in the heat for more than 15 min. so I *kinda* understand how you are feeling. Do you have one of those mini spray fans? I bet that will help a bit.
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