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Very True TPBM thinks her pregnancy makes her feel more sexy/confidant
: I saw in the sign post that today is your birthday : I just loove birthdays so I thought I'd make a thread to honor your B-Day. Everyone come wish roomformore well on her special day.
Awww. I too have bought some clothes in anticipation. Also my ma has enjoyed buying newborn clothes as well-she's already starting to spoil the lil one I can tell She also gave me clothes she had saved from when I was a baby(incl. my first onesie) so that's exciting. I also am getting excited and anxious when I look at the clothes-my heart just melts!
"I'm a PISCES fish and the river runs through my soul.."
Quote: Originally Posted by RainbowsMum Thats great Congratz!! Thanks! I feel so much healthier now and I'm definitely NOT gonna do when baby is bron. Luckily I was only smoking for less than 2 years so i didn't do much harm.
Quote: Originally Posted by prettypixels Of course with a woman who smokes during pregnancy... well, do you think saying anything to her is really going to help anyways?!?!? But that is clearly different. You'd be surprised how some women don't even realize it's harmful...they are completely uneducated on the harmful effects it can cause the baby. Not to mention I had a friend who was pregnant at 17 and she smoked through her pregnancy...
True-a B was like "Uh-oh better hide " TPBM talks to their belly-in public!
Where is your happy place?/Where do you go to relax?
Aww I'm so glad you ladies feel the same way!!
So I started my classes today..bought my books Thurs. and they said 2 classes didn't require books so I thought" great i'm saving some money!" Nope..wrong..the class decide to wait until the day of class starts to get the book-by Wed. AND the bookstore isn't even aware of this!Then another class is having us BUY a user acces code for $115!! for a code!?: crazy! oh well i guess it's woth it
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