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Quote: Originally Posted by RainbowsMum You must be going crazy... I'm not even due yet and I'm loosing my mind. I should start a spinoff thread called "Not due yet and angry" :
I just wanted to say that I wuv my DDC!! This is one of the few areas where everyone is supportive and non judging. I know I've been starting a lot of threads lately with detailed questions and that I write a LOT but everyone is being helpful. It's scary preparing to be a mom sometimes and I like to come over here and know that I'm not the only one going through this It'll be bittersweet when Dec. comes .. Anyways I'm glad to be Due in December with all of you...
Well everyone calls me Princess cos well I'm 100% girly and am the spoiled one. the confused part I chose b/c i was confused when thinkg up what word to put w/ princess. all my old usernames that had the word princess in them don't really apply for a 'mom to be'
veganbaby: thank you for sharing all that I believe you when you say children were drawn to you growing up ..I felt it while reading your post. I have things I want to ask you but I'm getting tired tonight. Take care I hope to talk to you soon!
Quote: Originally Posted by Ravin ASU! Cute! You'll have to let me know how the on-campus daycare works out
Quote: Originally Posted by 5thAttempt . Some people will re-gift the things they gotten from someone and never used.. : That is terrible- I would've never thought about that. Looking back i see I am really over analyzing this shower too much. There'll be a lot of people prob. (about 45-50 women/girls in my family) plus a couple close friends and my mas really good friends and I know they all know me well and will probably respect my...
Quote: Originally Posted by cutic I knew we got pregnant right away, I just knew it! Me too I had a feeling and it bugged me b/c I couldn't wait to take the test. I always thought "how can a woman really know *when* they conceived..I guess it's one of those things you can't explain and just know
Becken: do you think everyone will bring gift receipts? Owen'nZoe: howcome you think the giver should be free to choose anything they want to give? I just don't see what is the point of a registry if people don't use it to see what kind of things I want-then why waste my time registering: This is soo confusing. The reason I ask is b/c i assume the only time it's not is wehn you get "special requests" on an invite-exampleslease no gifts, we prefer a donation,etc. or for a...
I seen a lot of mention that everyone doesn't always buy what's on the registry and that they buy clothes anyways. I don't want a lot of clothes b/c I'm not going to be telling anyone the sex of baby and I DONT want all those 'neutral' clothes..they all look the same to me. That leads to my next question: What's the etiquette on specifying-on the shower invitation- that I don't want/already have clothes for newborn,etc.? My ma is planning everything for the shower and...
I'm so sorry that your mom isn't being supportive enough. If it makes you feel any better my ma offered to "pay for my abortion" when I first told her I was pregnant: AND she knew I had planned it. Don't worry no matter what your mother says you know you can always talk your DDC -everyone is so warm in here and we support you and are HAPPY that you are expecting!! Hang in there and focus on all the pos. things happening in your life
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