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Ok, we've been gone from San Antonio for several years now but I birthed at Wilford Hall. They were willing to let me go natural, they of course offered the epidural repeatedly and warned that i might need to have the pitocin to get things moving but we just kept denying and they let us go. My son came quickly though so I'm not sure how far they would be willing to go on their timeline. Wilford Hall had a renovated L&D area, the rooms were nice for a military hospital....
I am on my the Preschool Board at our church and we always set aside money for scholarships to help out families in need in the community. This is not widely known but it allows us to make an offer if someone inquires and is in need of assistance. Maybe there are some churches int the area that could do the same. I am so sorry they are all going through this difficult situation.
Looks good, thanks for posting that. I hadn't heard about it before.
Lauraloo, that's what I was worried about. Midnight Mom, good to know the kids had success with it. Thanks for the solution info. We'll try it and hope for the best!
My son has constant environmental allergies and ALWAYS has a gunked up nose. This summer has been great b/c we've been at the pool almost everyday and it has continuously washed out his sinuses. His nose isn't raw from constant blowing and he is just breathing easier. This has made me think I probably need to get a Neti pot so I can keep this up for him. BUT, he can't stand when I just use saline to clear him up, how will the Neti pot go over? Are there any good tips on...
Love it :
I seem like the easiest going person (and I pretty much am when others are concerned). I can talk easily to most people. What no one knows is that the thought of talking to too many people absolutely sends me into a panic attack. I hate making phone calls for this reason as well. I just feel like I am freezing up. I feel guilt about everything too. Last week I got annoyed at my MIL b/c she basically ignored her grandkids for the entire visit- not a new occurance. ...
No, not rude. Of course I am coming off of a week with my sis-in-law and hre dog. She would instead chastise my kids for getting too loud or tell us not to do something b/c her dog didn't like it and would bark at us. So I think you were perfectly within reason. Agree with mentioning it next time, but that wasn't a big deal imo.
1. Woke up snuggling with my 2 boys- best feeling ever. 2. Friend asked if her daughter could hang out with us today. Her daughter is 8, my boys are 3 and 6. They follow her around like puppies and stay entertained for hours while I did some much needed housework. 3. A great neighbor invited us to dinner at the n'hood pool where they were grilling dinner and we just had to show up. SWEET!
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