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It sounds like Cuyahoga Falls fits your criteria best. although for any of them, getting to downtown Cleveland will be a haul. here is our local board: http://www.apcleveland.com/forum/ we loooove to hash these things out for peeps
I gave birth in a mobile home, in a dense community. My neighbors knew beforehand, and some came over to bring stuff the next day. I was concerned about the noise, but they sad they knew because there were 3 or 4 cars parked around us all night.
Not in your club-or even preggo, lol..... but I had a similar issue with my 2nd baby. we planned Lincoln if it was a boy, and a month before I was due a movie came out, which I thought was going to be a HUGE blockbuster, and the main character was Lincoln Echo 6.....well, 4 yrs later, no one even remembers 'the Island'...and my son Lincoln Enzo couldn't be named anything else :heart:
subbing....been watching this on Hulu since after the first episode. my daughter and I LOVE it. I wanna know where Quinn is gunna live now. LOL
since my now 6.5 yr old was about 3, and now her and her 3.5 yr old brother pal around outside all the time. we have a nice, rural type neighborhood, no major streets close. I worry if they are in the backyard, there is a covered pool that is now a scummy frog pond, and they are VERY attracted to it, catching frogs with their nets. I watch them carefully, and worry they will tip and fall in. but that area is fenced in, so I can just lock the back patio door, and they...
I wouldn't say its a CRAPPY mother's day...but not how 'it should be'. its only my 2nd mother's day 'for me' (I had a slightly overbearing MIL who wanted mother's day still for her, and she died suddenly last year a few months before) but its my first since being separated from my ex husband. This is his weekend with the kids, and we trade off Sunday's at about 4pm. we talked all week about him bring them over earlier, because its mother's day....and I thought he...
yeah that. big time. I don't care if the bullies have a rough home life. nothing excuses their behavior. eta: that was a bit harsh. what I mean moreso, is that we aren't gunna talk these kids out of tormenting 'weaker' children. That's what has been don so far and its not working.
Quote: Originally Posted by nannymom My dd nursed every hour at that age. I used to joke that she nursed more than any child ever in thr history of man. Then one morning she nursed for like ann hour and then never asked again. Seriously just like that and it was at 2 years and seven months. that was exactly my experience, with both my children. They nursed from birth till about 2- 2 1/2 every hour and a half or two hours....they never let up,...
perfect world, by guttermouth. instant good mood, fun song.
I am in Ohio, and we had our unvaxxed baby girl pierced at 6months old. We had a medical tattooist and piercer do it. It was VERY expensive....but worth it for something like that. she never asked us about vax status. It really doesn't matter for a piercing that gets alot of oxygen and isn't an internal/closed wound.
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