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wow, I must be really poor I drop a jaw at a book store when a book is over $16.95 or something.....I try to get everything used or just borrow books from the library.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs.CEH3 Mad props. :
Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs.CEH3 Why would anyone want to allow their child to suffer through home remedies when an extremely safe OTC medication can alleviate the suffering in very short order? site your sources for the reasoning behind 'extremely safe' OTC medication I have a few Pharmacology texts that go into detail the dangers of Acetaminophen, including liver and kidney damage from incorrect dosage, or long term use. Most...
Fevers are not a condition that require treatment. They are an immune response, a symptom of a condition. The body can't work, and you can't know what is going on with your childs body, if you mask the symptoms. I don't treat fevers, and luckily because I don't, I knew when my dd's fever went to 105 and was able to get her treatment for a blood infection. If I had masked the fever and suppressed it when it was 102, we would not of known and caught the infection...
Quote: Originally Posted by Plaid Leopard Hi, we've been invited to a christening. I've never been to one before. Are we supoosed to bring a present for the baby? If so, what is considred an appropriate gift? TIA thinking back to my catholic upbringing....savings bonds were usually given, or money. There were gifts, but they were usually religious (bibles, rosaries, etc) and given by godparents/grandparents, etc.
I am in a Medical Assisting program, and vaccinations came up yesturday in Clinicals. I would like to have a simple, non-sensational handout to give some of the students who asked me for more info. My chiro years ago had some handouts like these, with a little bit of everything, like a 'fact list' with all the problems with vaccinations...including the links/concerns about SIDS and other diseases/conditions, diseases already in decline, sanitation and healthy eating...
well, public school vrs homeschooling aside...they each have advantages and disadvantages IMO. I think the show is missing the point. We aren't MEANT to retain these silly little 'facts' They merely prepare our brain for receiving information...it also adds to the base of knowledge that we walk around with and each 'fact' we learn (even if we think we forget it) paves the way to understand a new concept or compounds to other random info to create our general...
I am not sure, but I thought it was a Tablespoon per age of each 'group', per meal. oh, and ftr: I always kinda thought that as long as the child is healthy and active, its whatever they want to eat, when they want to eat it...of healthy selections
did'nt Brooke Sheilds name her first dd Rowan. Great either way, imo.
yes! garlic garlic! tablets are quick and no strings involved If you do go the insertion route, my sis did it before for a yeasty and she could'nt believe it but don't be suprised when you can TASTE garlic in your mouth a bit after you put it in your vagina. awesome. I wanna do it just to see ....lol :
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