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we have a one bedroom house. We have 2 kids (1 and 4), plus dh and myself, but now we have 3 kids (my 14 yr niece is living with us) usually, my niece is on the pullout, and dh, myself, and our 2 are in a queen bed in the one bedroom. Sometmes dh sleeps on the couch, and me and all the kids are in the bed. we love it here, but my niece is not in the same mindset as my family and her stuff sorta piles and spills everywhere...she isn't a 'small living' kinda...
Quote: Originally Posted by jrcronewillis I read someone who had a house rule that "if everyone isn't having fun, the game must change." This works well for us because it can mean anything from the game is too loud and DS needs to be in another room or lower the volume, to reminding DS not to whack his friends who don't think that is fun. It also helps encourage empathy--a skill which I think is really important and often lacking! Good...
not many, but I really enjoy 'Elizabeti's Doll' at the end when mama kisses her and thinks she will 'be a fine mother' that mists me up, mostly because of the look on my dd's face when I read that part. :
I have been to Hooters a few times, I do love thier wings (breaded, then sauced , yum ) and I have nursed my oldest there : with no comments or funny looks : I don't agree with the 'role' of women they try further (to serve and entertain) But I don't agree with alot of stuff, and can recognize the issue isn't as black and white as it may seem. I have no objections with the the women who choose to work there, as I don't have issues with women who choose to strip...
well, I agree with the pp that smaller in general is better, imo. But we have an 800 sqft home (for 5 people right now!) but a huge lot....room for the kids to learn about their trees, grow their own garden, climb and run in the sun or the snow. A smaller space inside to avoid collecting and storing junk...I just love it. So for us, we vote for small house, big yard.
Quote: Originally Posted by Meiri I hope that that's how it goes too Cahwilson. I was alarmed when DS started passing sand, and we are nowhere near a beach.... Care to guess what Cheeri'Os look like after being processed through a baby's gut. THANK YOU!!!!!! I am reading this thread, all like 'yeah, sounds like when you bake banana bread and it is LOADED with lil black specks/strings' and from having 2 cloth diapered kids, I have really come...
she buys toilet paper....what a lightweight :
I love Changling, but the end was kinda blah. I am gunna check out 'ghost story'
Quote: Originally Posted by velochic Go for the SIGG bottles instead of the Kleen Kanteen. SIGG is more environmentally friendly in the manufacturing of their products. aren't SIGG plastic?
my son is sleeping in an awesome orange 'I'm Hip' sweatshirt with a cool hippo on it that my daughter wore a few years ago....(its about a 2T...but fits 12 months to a skinny 3) but my husband also wore it when he was a baby. let me see if I can find a pic... heres one of my daughter wearing it in 2005...when she was 2 1/2 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v1...4-5470_IMG.jpg
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