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I need some quick links to places that supply those vegetable bags (canvas, I think) and lunch containers, cheap cloth grocery bags....etc okay, google found this: http://www.reusablebags.com/store/ seems to be some non-plastic choices here.... I want to order, but am not sure if this is the best price I could be paying...I checked Dharma and they had cotton lunch bags at a better price so i took those out. Those mesh bags come out to be about $6 each and I...
I use these ball jar glasses I found at the thrift store....and put a wooden stick in, after it is frozen I just run some hot water over the and it seperates great (I had to do the same with the plastic molds) they are like jelly jars, but wider at the top (most ball and mason jars have smaller tops and so would never work for popcicles)
Quote: Originally Posted by HoneymoonBaby Mayonnaise. : my niece (who lives with us now) is very afraid of mayonnaise. interesting.
sorry, no suggestions...but that sucks. a friend said that a towel soaked with vinegar put into a dryer with a smokey smelling coat will get the smell out. maybe you could wipe the surfaces down with vinegar or leave some dishes of it out? I am not much help but I wanted to and say I am glad you are okay, reading the title and opening sentence I was a bit worried.
Quote: Originally Posted by prettypixels My heart goes out to that family, but I don't understand why they'd blame vaccines when by their own account their children showed symptoms before being vaccinated. I believe the mother said what alot of experts say, that vaccine trigger symptoms or worse symptoms in already vulnerable/susceptible children. further strain and damage on an already struggling body.
thats how ours goes too...except substitute 'school' for work and end it with the darling child saying 'mama, your a b$#%' :
....yeah!.....those damn vegans.....thinking they are so great! whatever. um, did I post this on the right website? uh oh. :
nak I am so so so incredibly spice challenged. It comes from growing up with a family who were spice-phobic...maybe even spice-haters. I remember i put sage or something in potato salad one time when I was a teen....just a tiny tiny bit. Nobody would eat it. they said I changed it and they were scared of what i may of put on it. I swear it was only like a teaspoon or two. : anyway, that explains my spices I use regularly so nobody rolls their eyes and laughs at...
for school stuff, I understand not wanting to send glass (of course!) I wonder if there is somewhere to get like wax lined cardboard containers (like rice in take-out) or foil containers?
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