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I have been waiting for weeks for a couple wipes and a small wipes bag from Happy Tushies I went to the website to get a few more wipes (6 is never enough) to match a delux set i have, and luckily she had 6 instock...yeah! but then I did a dumb thing. I also got a custom small wipes bag (just flannel, zippered) I couldnt help it. so now I have had to wait. forever. for a few wipes. and a lil bag. ugh. maybe i will get it by the time she is potty learned.
i dont have any experience in this....and i didnt see your other post... I have heard Hal Huggins (sp?) talk and when its time for my dd to have her own dentist (she is 16 months), will try to find a dentist based on his recommendations/ideals...if at all possible...he has books, too, i think, but i havent read them while he seems a bit wacky at times, i liked what he says about metal fillings, flouride, and root canals....etc. how scary to have your child asleep and...
i schedule and attend all recommended WBV. i dont mind taking the time to go. i like to promote my parenting practices to my open minded pediatrician who doesnt come across them too much....maybe he will help other moms who use their docs for that kind of guidance. we dont vaccinate or accept most medical interventions, but i like to know my options maybe with future children, i wont want to drag a buncha kids in the germy offices, but i dont mind taking her now....
my mom got her tubes tied at 18. she only had 2 kids. I was the last little mistake she was gunna make I guess back then, they let a woman do what she wanted:LOL also, when I was in the hospital after having Veronica, the nice girl I shared a room with : had gotten her tubes tied after her c-sec. she was only 22 (but this was her 3rd child) so maybe the hospital I was at didnt have that rule, or thought that 3 children were enough for her who does make the...
Quote: Originally posted by Kim22 Sydney is wearing a medium periwinkle Fuzzi Bunz stuffed with an infant premium CPF. my veronica is a 10/17/02 as well!
how funny Christi! 2 ohio moms with Veronicas posting at the same time on a thread! lol:LOL
Veronica is in a premium prefold (snappied, of course) with a wool angel wraps cover (bright orange with flame tabs!)
what a great hospital! awesome labor! I tried with my dd, and almost succeeded, got through 38 hours dilating from 4 to 7 inches, of back labor, if only I had known it would of been 4 hours more, I could of held off that epidural just wanted to say I understand! sounds like you did great!! get some pics of that new big baby up soon
i read 'the american way of death' the first one and the 'revisited'...i have since found our local 'memorial society' and was holding off on joining till i knew where i would permanently be. my great gramma just died and wasnt emblamed. we had a viewing, she looked good. i would also wish to be laid out at home, cleaned and prepared by my family, and then buried in the ground. why withhold all those great nutrients i have been building up all these years from...
didnt read the link...but if I medicated a fever, it would only be a mild one (I do use pain medicine frm time to time and only do so if there is NO fever) I need to know if the fever gets too high, so I can have her seen. i have wrapped her in wet towels while in transition or while waiting out a high fever....and it has brought it down somewhat....or at least provided her comfort.
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