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If something were to happen to me tomorrow, and my family needed to find an outside person to do the work I do every day - that person would be paid a salary and nobody would debate the authenticity of her "job" as caring for my children and house, cooking meals, etc. Just because I am biologically obligated (and willingly so) to do these things, does not make them any less "work". IMO.
Be *very* careful if you do this. I have driven >1 1/2 hrs and purchased MANY items from IKEA over several years. On the last trip, I bought a few shelving units and a cubby storage unit. Because of the way everything is packed, it is not possible to inspect them before you leave... 2 of my items were damaged. It took many phone calls and complaining "up the ladder" to get them to send me the replacement parts - they kept telling me I had to drive back to the store to...
Great, thanks for the reply! Do you have any idea how much I should add? 1-2 inches?
Last year was our first real garden. We have 8 raised beds (4x8 feet each). We did not use compost, fertilizer, or anything at all, and everything grew pretty well. We were happy with it We did start a compost pile last summer, but it is not ready to be used (and wouldn't be nearly enough anyway). Since I'm still a newbie gardener, I've been reading as much as I can to make this year even more successful. I know I should be doing something to enrich our soil, but not...
So we now know that the Jan/Feb issue was never printed. I love Mothering and understand this had to be a tough decision, but there were several posts from mods here saying the "Jan/Feb issue will be in mailboxes soon".... so that was really never the case right? It was never printed at all?
Thanks everyone! Just returned from my ultrasound and my peanut is in there doing fine, heart beating away. The measurements put me at 10 weeks, which is much earlier than I thought I was, and explains why we couldn't find it with the doppler. So I am very relieved and happy with the results Thanks for all the good vibes!
Well I was sure my last one was the last one So yes, this will DEFINITELY be the last one (third). My hubby will get snipped ASAP.
I'm taking the New Chapter "perfect prenatal", my midwife recommended. They aren't too big and don't taste bad at all, so I don't have a problem taking them. Remembering 3x a day is tough though but I like them.
I had my first midwife appt on Thursday. I had no idea of my LMP but we talked about possibilities and symptoms (I had felt movements already) and she felt my uterus and said I could be as far as about 17 weeks along - putting me due at the end of July. (If you didn't see my intro post, this was an unexpected pregnancy!) Anyway, after that she tried to find the heartbeat with the doppler and could not find it. So we decided on an ultrasound, which is scheduled for...
Thanks for the welcome Yes it's a quite different experience than the other 2 times - where we were trying and knew to the day when we conceived. I have a feeling this little one has all kinds of surprises in store!
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