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Hi ladies, About 3 weeks ago my husband had a dream that I found out I was pregnant and tried to push him off a bridge! (We have 2 boys - 4yo and 18mos - and have decided we are DONE. Gave away all baby/maternity stuff, etc.) A few days later I had a dream I was at the dentist and they needed x-rays, so the woman put a big metal vest on me "since you're pregnant" and I argued with her that I was definitely NOT pregnant! Sure enough, the next few days I started getting...
I'm sure you're fine. Your little one is still very tiny and well-protected in there
Thanks for all the replies! Good to know this is somewhat common I ate bacon last night. A little bit. It was good.
I stopped eating meat a little over a year ago. I don't miss it at all. Except now I'm pregnant (not sure exactly how far I am - somewhere around 8-12 weeks?) and suddenly craving meat. A Burger King ad had me salivating yesterday. I plan to bring this up to my midwife when I see her. I've tried upping my protein, I take vitamins, and eat well, but I still suddenly really want a burger. Or bacon. Mmm... I'm not ethically opposed to eating any meat, though I am not sure...
This is what I'm dreading most about this (unexpected) pregnancy. We were done at our 2 boys, and already had gone through the "hope it's a girl!" comments with our second. In my extended family, there has been ONE girl born (the oldest) and TEN boys between my brothers/cousin and I. Everyone wants another girl, and each boy that comes along is somehow not as exciting as a girl would be. It drives me crazy.
Thanks so much for your replies. I finally got a good night's sleep last night, just realized 2 new teeth have popped in for DS2 so that must have been the sleep problem... felt much better today. Thinking about finding an occasional babysitter.... I appreciate the support, it's nice to know there are always other moms here who can relate <3
I never thought I'd be making this post. I haven't been here in a long time, though I used to be a regular poster. I have a DS 4yo and DS 15 mos. Lately I feel myself losing control more and more and my stress level is increasing and things are getting really bad. I am honestly so busy I don't even have time to read the pages of threads here, I wish I did... I've been wanting to for a while because I know it used to help keep me focused, feel supported, etc. just...
No advice but my 16 month old son is doing this EXACT same thing. His older brother (4yo now) NEVER did this and it is really wearing on me If I don't give him exactly what he wants, the moment he wants it, he hits or headbutts me. I say "be gentle", walk away from him (not to punish him, but because it HURTS!). He just keeps doing it.
Yes the Grimm's one... the giant rainbow stacker. I did (after sending another email) get a replacement from Woodenwagon, but this one is exactly the same. I'm not wasting my time trying to return yet again, but am very diappointed for the $$ I spent on it... I know it frustrates ME when I am putting toys away. Oh well..
All of the Natural Kids team shops are wonderful... http://naturalkidsstore.com links to all of their Etsy shops. I know there are a few MDC mamas listed there (including me)
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