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I don't have advice but I can't read this & not comment... Sounds a lot like me lately. In fact I had a very similar incident with my 3yo (and I also have an infant too). I tend to "lose it" when he hurts me, often not intentionally but that's when I find myself reacting. He jumped on me when I wasn't looking and I reacted by pushing him away, and he lost his balance and fell, then yelled at me "YOU PUSHED ME OVER!!" which I did not INTEND to do - but I did. So I know...
No it's not rude, but do let the hosting parent know so they don't pre-pay for a meal for your daughter. A party at McD's probably won't last long, so why not just feed her before you go, and bring along a snack/treat if she wants something while the other kids are eating.
poissonrouge.com - love these games, sometimes I ask DS if I can have a turn
too much. I tend to sit here whenever I nurse the babe, just because it's convenient and I can browse while he nurses. But I definitely need to cut back
We like the fisher price one. It makes a sound when turning on and off, and a shutter sound when you take a picture. The battery life seems pretty good to me? It was a Christmas gift and we haven't had to change batteries yet.
Absolutely I would not bring my child to their home again, or have them at my home (since you mentioned they are always trying to close the door there too). No way. Your child needs to know that what they were doing was NOT ok and that he did the right thing by telling you, and trying to get out of the room. Let him know that if anything like that every happens again ANYWHERE, to get away and come tell you right away so you can leave. It sounds like what is happening...
My hubby makes his own and I HATE it. Even the smell makes me gag. But he put some in some lentil soup that he made, and I couldn't even taste it! So maybe you could try putting some in soup? It added some texture but otherwise I would have never known it was saurkraut.
I don't mind folding at all... but I HATE putting things in drawers! I usually have neatly folded laundry in a basket in the living room at all times. I put it away when I need the basket for the next load... sigh
Thanks for the replies! I appreciate it Quote: Getting good fats instead of bad- real butter, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, animal fats, instead of margarine, vegetable oils, shortening Can you tell me more about the coconut vs. vegetable oil? We do real butter already, but do use veg. oil a lot for baking. Thanks for the list of produce, sophiesgrandma, and I"m off to check that link now Xantho. Caroline, I appreciate your kind encouragement!
We watched Food Inc. tonight. Now let me just say, that Dh and I used to eat CRAP. When we became parents 3 years ago, it was a big wake up call and we stopped the fast food, processed junk. We wanted our kids to be healthy, so we made changes. And it's been great. But I know there are more changes we need to make. I'm ashamed to admit that I have been very uninformed and naive about a lot of this stuff. Seeing this film really opened my eyes. Money is a big...
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