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Nope, I wouldn't do it.
I wasn't "unschooled" but I did leave traditional school as a sophmore to participate in a "homeschool"/online program instead. I was so severely depressed in school, switched 3 or 4 times in 2 years, public, private, you name it... I just hated it for a million reasons. My mom was desperate and said if I could find an alternative, I could do it. So I got online and found a distance education program (it might still exist?) where I could basically set up my own...
And no, it does not determine what foods you get. The packages are the same (aside from some substitutions you can make - like they asked if we wanted to sub some milk for more cheese, etc.)
I believe it is because part of the application process is that they have to show you have a nutritional "need" for the program. Our state doesn't require this anymore, but it did when I first applied 3 years ago.
you're definitely not alone. 5 months here.
My dog barks like crazy. When DH called the midwife to come (at 4am), he put the dog in the garage so the barking wouldn't wake our other child. If it weren't for the barking, I would have left him in here. He probably wouldn't have cared much about what was happening
My first one was fast, but induced (2 hrs from being hooked up to pit to birth). So I didn't know what to expect with #2, my homebirth. Early labor started in the evening. I went to sleep. Active labor woke me up at 2am, baby was born at 5am, about 30 min. after midwife arrived. I am really glad I did not have to worry about getting in a car and getting checked into a hospital while in active labor! I was not even worried about midwife getting there - I knew if she didn't,...
Yup. My first son was 2 1/2 when his brother was born. We knew no one who we wanted to send him with, so were going to have him at the birth and hope it went well. I went into labor in the evening, tucked him into bed, labored all night and his brother was born at 5am. He woke up at 7am right as we were all cleaned up & had our first family snuggle in bed together. It could not have worked out any better.
DS1 was 8lbs.7oz (born in hospital, 40w4d) DS2 was 10lbs. 7oz. (born at home, 40w6d) I didn't feel any difference, though around 24 weeks I was measuring 4cm ahead (which evened out as time went on, I was spot on at the end). Really I was shocked that DS2 was that big.
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