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Quote: I get mine in the grocery store back where they keep the mexican foods. They're in clear bags and cost a dollar or two this way. Don't get them in the spice/baking aisle. This!! A friend told me this recently... even in Walmart - go look by the ethnic/Mexican foods and you can buy a bag of them - twice as much as the pricey jars in the baking aisle - for $1-2. MUCH cheaper!
You might consider donating it to a preschool (or head start) - they could probably use it for crafts or something.
Also - the income limits are much higher than for food stamps. We aren't even close to qualifying for FS, but we can get WIC. The WIC food helps with our grocery costs. If we got FS, I probably would pass on WIC because we wouldn't *need* it. If that makes sense
Definitely worth it for me. Our office must be run really well, because it takes very little time to pick up checks. Every 6 months you have to recertify, so that takes a little longer (maybe 45 min.), but the people are friendly and helpful, and I don't mind the appt's at all.
I had the same thing happen to me. My son was a year old, and she INSISTED we install it FF. I didn't argue though, because they were giving us a seat that we didn't pay for (he was supposed to be on my lap) and I was afraid if I ticked her off she wouldn't let us use the seat at all.
Since you asked "for fun", I'd say take a family vacation. Though the practical part of me says to pay down any debt or save it.
My first son was 2.5 when his brother was born this summer. I won't lie, it was hard. My son handled it very well, but it was hard on me. Those first 2 weeks, my DH stayed home and took care of him while I recovered & took care of the baby. I cried every day because I was so used to it just being me & DS all day, every day. And when DS2 came, I felt like I was not physically able to meet anyone's needs completely. Someone always needed something. I was saying "just a...
Pasta Fagioli - this recipe is delicious, and it's in the crock pot too.
I think I'm going to do this Friendship Soup mix in a jar I think it might work nicely in a basket, with a bag of Quick muffin mix Depending on how much $ this costs, I think it would also be nice to add a wooden spoon and put it all in a basket. Maybe even the can of tomato sauce & diced tomatoes too - so the recipient would only need to add the ground beef (if they wanted) and have a whole meal ready to go.
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