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I am not knowledgeable at all on this topic, so bear with me. My son is about to turn 2. He went to the dentist at 12 months because I was worried about his teeth. He has missing enamel on his 8 front teeth (4 top/4 bottom), they came in that way. Dentist was not concerned, said it's just how they developed & his adult teeth should be ok. I took him back a second time after one of them chipped on the bottom (where the enamel was missing), and he smoothed it out a little...
thanks! How would I make it elasticised?
I just saw these "fingerless mittens" and thought they would be perfect for my toddler, they look like they would be so easy to put on & off and still allow him to use his fingers. http://www.momastore.org/museum/moma...2_Y_giftideas_ Has anyone made anything like this? It looks like I could use socks for the ribbed part, but how could I make them nice & thick/warm? (I'm a very beginning sewer....) Thanks!
Quote: For those of you who are calling, how can you identify the items from 2007 without experimenting on your kids? Is there a year code somewhere? I'm wondering this too... anyone?
those are great!
check out this website http://www.thebigpushformidwives.org/
I was just going to post that same link I went out & bought a coping saw and we made a tree, pumpkin, and house so far. Very cute & easy! (We painted them with watercolors but haven't decided what to seal with yet)
My first post over here on this board... So yeah, hi The first 3 years of my marriage, we never used birth control yet never got pregnant. So when we first TTC, I bought a clearplan monitor and it worked the first month I used it. I miscarried that pregnancy. The next time, I used it and it worked the third month. After my son was born, I sold the monitor because I didn't think I needed it anymore. From the monitor, I learned that I usually ovulated around day 16 or 17...
Quote: Originally Posted by Zuzu822 My DS would enjoy this! Do you have a recipe? Thanks! Yep! I posted it on my blog. There's some pics too: http://miracletome.blogspot.com/2008...culptures.html
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