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Well, I'm using what I have from the replacement culture to make yogurt with pasteurized cow milk from the store, and we'll see what I get. Maybe if I get that to go, I can try moving it over to the goat milk. But why won't the kefir culture? It cultured right up in the cow's milk. This is beyond frustrating!
I do, but its what was recommended to me by friends who make yogurt and stuff all the time. I'm really thorough with rinsing. And no abx at all, ever.  
Thank you all for your responses, though! Sorry for the frustration!  
I'm actually struggling with all the cultures and my goat's milk. I bought some dehydrated kefir grains and have been trying to get them to culture for a week now, and they are still doing nothing. I am more than frustrated by all this. I can't afford to have goats if I can't use the milk. I cultured kefir from a powdered culture one time and it tasted fine (a little different than my cow's milk kefir, but I was expecting some difference). I am so over it. I have so much...
I haven't read all the replies. We just did this, actually. We bought 20 acres 10 years ago and we've been building on it ever since. First the shop, then the barn, then the house. We put up the barn roof before we got the sides done, and we did the goat part first. Then the chicken coop, finally, this spring. I have no idea how much it has cost. My dh is a builder, so he does all the building stuff, and we have a sawmill and buy timber in the raw, so I know it would be...
Does it taste similar to cow milk yogurt? I'm actually struggling with all my cultures in goat milk. And the problem with my results varies, but the yogurt I made separated into curds and whey and tasted rancid. AWFUL. NOTHING like yogurt. I almost hurled. My kefir never actually cultures with the grains (or I assume it hasn't--it doesn't thicken at all and it doesn't smell like the kefir I make when I make it in cow milk). I made buttermilk but was afraid to try it,...
Yeah, if cooking at 200 degrees defeats the purpose, then why soak anything? Most of what we soak, we cook. 
Well, I think if you are using it as a topping or something, yeah, go for it. She doesn't "need" it, but she doesn't "need" any solids, really at all at this stage anyway. My babies LOVED plain yogurt, and they still do! I used it to make baked potatoes more mashable, and very tasty!
Do any of you make it with goat milk?
I'm using a starter I bought from Cultures For Health, the Bulgarian starter. I'm not sure its the starter. Do you know if the temperature of the milk prior to cooling to 110 can make a difference? What if its slightly colder than that when you put the starter into it? I have a yogurt maker, but I'm not sure its working properly either--I have yet to get a reading of 110--they are close, but not quite that high. Like 108, 106, etc. Thanks for your reply!
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