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I called her using the testing dept number on the website. She said that the results had just come in. She was sending out all of the letters, so I bet you will get it soon. You can call her today though. 
I just called the NARM testing dept today because I heard that results were in.      I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!     We should get the results in the mail this week or next, but you can call tomorrow if you want to. Where did you take your test? I was in Dubuque.
I would think that the birth centers would be covered. I am not sure about the Trillium midwives, but I bet if you call either one of them, they will let you know. I wouldn't be surprised they have more success because Claire is a CNM. 
The average cost of a homebirth midwife is anywhere between 3000-4000 dollars. This includes all of the prenatal visits, the birth, and six weeks of postpartum care. Most midwives accept payment plans, if this is something that your family needs to do. FSA's usually cover homebirth midwives too. This is usually an additional cost for the birth kit, but I think on average they are around 50-60 dollars, sometimes less, depending on the midwife. Some midwives include a...
If you haven't already, I would sit down and interview them both. Come up with a list of questions that are important to you and see what they both say. They are both great women and midwives, but probably have different ways of working with women. Neither way is wrong, it just depends on what you are looking for. There are a ton of great midwives in the Twin Cities. You will find the right fit!    I had Vanessa at two of my births when she was apprenticing with...
I go by 90 or less for fasting, 140 1 hr pp and 120 2 hr pp
A good place to ask this would be in the Minnesota forum. I bet there are women who can give you their opinion!!    Happy birthing!    Sarah 
I would love to come and visit the birth center and meet everyone! I am planning on flying in Saturday the 11th of August and staying until Saturday or Sunday the 18th or 19th. I love Oregon so much and want to be able to soak it all up before heading back to Minnesota. 
I will be taking the NARM test in Oregon this August and I was wondering if there is anyone else that is taking it there? I am going to travel from Minnesota and I would love to study with someone for a couple of days before the test. I will be hopefully flying out that Saturday before and will be there until the Saturday after. I want to travel/study and so instead of going to Iowa (blah), I will go to my favorite place in the world...Oregon!    Anyone?
If she misses the birth because you can't get ahold of her is one thing. If she is on the way or her backup is on the way, and the baby comes, she will still be available to you for all of the immediate postpartum and newborn stuff. This is how she makes a living. Sometimes birth is fast.    As far as food, you aren't on call for one week, you are on call for five weeks, or longer if needed. Keeping a cooler stocked makes no sense to me. Yes, I can have food for...
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