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Hey! I am a mom who nursed my twins for three years. I would love to talk with her if she has questions.    Sarah 
I just turned in my application to sit for the test in August. Any recommendations on what to study? I was going to make flash cards for every bolded word in hearts and hands and look over Frye (as much as possible). 
I know that this is an old thread, but I did want to say that the range for a midwife in the Twin Cities is about 3000-4000 dollars depending on experience. I charge within that range. I see this come up a lot and wanted to address it. Thanks! 
I don't know of any hospitals in the twin cities that are allowing VBAC waterbirths. It is hard enough in some of the hospitals to just VBAC with as little intervention as possible. However, I do know that Dr. Hartung at Hudson Hospital is very comfortable with waterbirth VBACs. He is fantastic and I highly recommend him for any VBACing mama. Good luck!    Sarah B. 
Just wanted to let Twin Cities mamas know we have the chickenpox. I am in the Saint Paul area. You can email me at Sarah at Geneabirth dot com
I used Jeanne Bazille for four of my babies. Love her!
Hello all! I have a question and a concern.   What do you do when a family chooses to hire you for a birth instead of the last homebirth midwife they worked with? And do you talk with the other midwife to let her know?     The reason I ask is that this year I was hired by a woman who had used a different practice during her last pregnancy. I didn't seek her out at all, it just became apparent that we had an amazing connection (same age, same amount of children,...
Aly is great! I really like her a lot and I think she is fantastic at births. Definitely interview her!   As far as emailing potential midwives, I think that you might find a lot of them who will say "Give me a call!" It is really hard to get to know someone enough over email to gauge their personality. Basic questions you could ask would be: Are you available? Where are you located? Do you work with another midwife? How far along will I be when prenatals...
There are some recent threads with names and reviews that you can look at too! Also Minnesota families for midwifery has a list of names.
Aile was shocked when she was born. She had been high inside my uterus and came down and out in one long contraction! She was breathing, just not much more then that for awhile. I haven't been on this forum in a couple of months, but it seems crazy that a homebirth forum wouldn't be full of people supporting homebirth.
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