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I have seen them cover one time, and I honestly think it was a fluke!!
I do it and I live in W St Paul. My website is www.geneabirth.com   Sarah
I have to say as not only as an apprenticing homebirth midwife, but as a homebirthing mother, if birthing at home seems to be the best fit for you, don't let finances be your deciding factor. In fact, if you could take finances away completely, what would be your choice? If it is hands down a homebirth, then trust that God will put the right midwives in your path.   We all get paid in different ways and every midwife is different on her feelings about payment. You...
I love the crunchy Christian thing!
Jeanne is not licensed, although she is a CPM. I carried one of my babies 17 days past my EDD, and while we talked about our options, (bio profile, vaginal check, non stress test) there was never any pressure to preform. Thank goodness!   42 weeks is a normal healthy time for many many women to carry to. I would love to think that by choosing a homebirth, you don't have to have the pressure of dates. That is a really good question to ask. There is a lot of...
What an amazing picture of your daughter. So clear and lovely, while in the background chaos rules! Congratulations mama.
I am an apprenticing midwife who lives in Minnesota and attends births here and in western Wisconsin. I say that because I haven't ever heard of midwives in Wi have OB backup. Is this something that just she wants? Or something that you see all of the midwives in Milwaukee want?   I am sorry that you are caught up in this drama. I hope for you a fast easy and lovely birth!! You can do it!
You could check out Generations Women's Clinic (based out of Shoreview, MN) and have a c-section at St. John's. Otherwise United is the only other St. Paul option and I don't recommend them. Metro OB-GYNS by St. Joe's are good, but I am not sure if you would be able to have a c-section at St. Joe's or not. You would have to ask them, it might be a different hospital.   Good luck and happy getting pregnant!!
Trillium is great! Aly Folin and Nickie Kerrigan are wonderful. Jeanne Bazille was my midwife.      There are so many great midwives!! Interview a couple!
These seem like two very different things. You eating and them eating. You do need to eat during labor (to hunger and for stamina) if you can. Your uterus is a muscle and needs energy.   Your midwives need to eat as well. Most families have food in their house and we just make a sandwich or make whatever...nothing special at all. Just whatever you have. However, this seems to make you angry, which is what you should talk with them about. I have been at homebirths...
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