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I don't think that it is rude at all. As an apprenticing midwife, a mothers/partners wishes are incredibly important and I would want to know what they want. If they want me to stay back and quiet, that is what I want to do.   Likewise, if a mother/partner wants more hands on, I want to know that too. It isn't our birth, it is yours.
I don't know of any homebirth midwives that wouldn't attend a HBAC!!
People might consider heel lancing (it is not a poke) to be very painful. They often have to squeeze the foot aggressively to get blood out. It can take up to 30 minutes if you have a dehydrated baby.   Government keeping the DNA for testing.  There are people who believe the government coerces people to participate in genetic screening and are violating people’s personal privacy.    The high false positive rate on certain tests within the newborn...
WOW!! I can't believe some of these responses!!!  What they test for are very very rare things and the benefits do not outweigh the risks for some people.     In my state, you just have to sign a waver, although for MANY homebirthing families, nothing is signed. I have five children and only the first was tested and only because I accidently gave birth at the hospital. The rest weren't tested. My midwife gave me everything for the birth certficate and because she...
      This part is so true. The decision to become a liar on top of being an addict is the problem.
She could go see the Generations midwives in Shoreview. 651-490-0433   Cramping can be really normal in early pregnancy, but I completely understand wanting to get it checked out!
I have four girls and one boy. All of my children have intact genitals.   I understand what you are asking as far as trying not to alienate people when talking about circumcision. As someone who talks with families (sometimes I am the first person to ever bring it up with them) about circumcision, I have to be VERY cautious about how I go about it. Very often I am talking with dads and partners about what it actually is, and you have to be so careful to make sure...
My kids went to Dodge Nature preschool and we love it!! I live in W St Paul, and most of my friends live in S Mpls. I am a Saint Paul girl though!
Kathy-  It is interesting that I am coming on here to post right behind you. A woman wearing a gladrag (that happened to be a camo pattern) had an invasive groin search because they saw it and it was "suspicious". This woman was a vet and a survivor. Horrible.   My concern in not for me, but for my daughters. There are way to many sexual preditors in posistions of power, and there is no way they are going to have images of my naked children. Disgusting.
Am I the only person who considers 50 degrees to be really warm? Certainly warm enough for bare feet. My whole family will be barefooted by 50 degrees. That is usually April or May here.   Of course, I live in Minnesota, so my heat index might be skewed.
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