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Didn't you know that people with no children are the best parents?
I think it is gross, but then I don't really like dogs. And my daughter is incredibly allergic to dog saliva, so not only gross, but potentially life threatening.
I am not going to school, but instead doing a really long apprenticeship. I will have my CPM, but no MEAC accredidation. Hmmm...what to do.
I often bring home a placenta as a doula. I haven't ever had an issue with it and it isnt' even mine! I usually stick it in the freezer until the family gets home, or encapsulate it. Depends on what they want.
I think that the transfer rate is more like 15% and almost always non-emergent. Meaning long labor and maybe pain relief is needed, or IV fliuds or pitocin.
YAY! I have been waiting to see what his story would be! What a great one! Congratulations mama.
I am thinking more and more about moving after I am done with my apprenticeship. It will have been seven years of apprenticeship and I will have my CPM. I have five children and a lovely husband and I would love to move somewhere out of the US.   The problem is I have been looking for awhile and it is really hard to figure out where I can move to and have a job. The midwifery laws are so completely different from region to region. Can someone help me...
I am apprenticing with a traditional midwife, and will gladly call myself one. While I will be a CPM and will be licensed in a nearby state, to me, it does mean "old ways".   I am trained in the old ways. I didn't go the school route. I am not medical in any way in the way I view birth. While I am trained in CPR and neonatal resus, and carry things like oxygen, and pit (or will, I mean)....I will go towards herbs and homeopathy first.   Old ways. Trust the...
What about if you are a CPM in the states? How would that transfer?
I am doing an old fashioned apprenticeship and not going to school. I am with a very traditional midwife and have had the opportunity to also attend some births with other less traditional midwives as well as licensed midwives. There is a huge difference, of course, but what I have learned is that the midwife makes the call...not the certificate or license.   I am going to get my CPM. For me. I don't think it will protect me, or say anything about me as a person to...
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