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I never thought about things going wrong as a doula. When they did, I was surprised. As an apprentice, it is a learning experience surely. What can you do differently next time to help the midwife quicker. How can you have your space set up to assist easier. The first prenatals, the first births, they are a time to watch what goes on around you. (all of the time actually!) You are there to help, but to bear witness also. To watch the midwifes hands and to see the...
Quote: Originally Posted by 1stimestar I actually do very little coaching during the birth other then an occasional reminder to follow what her body is telling her to do. I feel I do most of my work in our prenatal meetings discussing the pros and cons of interventions and empowering them to make their own choices and taking ownership of those choices. They can't make them their own if they do not understand their possible results both positive and...
I would be drinking nettles with RRL tea. The nettles are a vein builder and can really help a lot! Throw in some peppermint or spearmint if needed.
As a doula of six years and an apprenticing midwife of one AND a homebirthing mother, I say...if you are supposed to be a midwife, you just have trust that you will be. Patience. - It is okay to be a doula, if you are being a doula to BE A DOULA. Not as a stepping stone towards midwifery. I didn't know homebirth exsisted when I became a doula. I had a passion for birth from the moment my first daughter was born accidently in the hospital. I knew that something amazing...
Wow. Here we can interview CNM's and Peds for free. I wonder if it depends on where you are.
Oh, and I am not sure if I ever publically thanked Phoebe of OKNOCIRC, but you should check out my circ page on my website: www.freewebs.com/doulasarah Thanks Phoebe!! You are saving foreskins in Minnesota!
The family will leave their son intact. They did some reading on their own, and well... YAY!!
Or EVERYONE has free interviews. I would never pay to interview someone, nor would I expect someone to pay me in order to meet me. That is just ridiculous.
So if a woman interviews with her and chooses another midwife, she should expect a bill in the mail for the interview??? Don't think so...
I have a organic sitz bath that I mix and brew for every family I attend. I am also going to start making my own organic mothers milk tea based on some recipes, altough I already give that out brewed at pp from TM. I talk about natural induction (if asked for hospital birth) at about 41 3/4 weeks and give good sites to get more information. I don't recommend one particular thing and I make sure about wording too.
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