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this is a very good question I have three girls and one boy and I would say I would love for my girls to be stay at home moms.
I think he for some reason is mad at you and your husband and is acting out. I know you said you dont want to do therapy but it sounds like that is what is needed.
I love the game how it teaches. both my 7 and 11 year old did start getting addicted to it so I just limited there computer time to an hour and so far that has worked for us.
it can be done I am homeschooling my three daughters who all have Autism two are high functioning and my youngest daughter is non verbal.
Thank you for the info I will be reading labels a little more carefully.
Hugs Im so sorry that had happened I would file a police report too.
I dont't get much "me" time but I would'nt send my kids back to public schools so I deal with the fact that I may not have me time for a long time.
I plan on doing reading writing and math with my kids this summer.
I get the negativity from my family as well my sister and brother in law are teachers I just let everyone know my decision not yours if I wanted your opinion I would ask for it it has gotten better over all I just ignore the comments others make because I know what Im doing is the best for my kids.
I have four kids with autism on different parts of the spectrum. there is family history my husband and I have autism. I wouldnt worry about it unless you see signs of it. if you do then take them in to get dx with it.
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