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my younger two use the beginners bible not sure how old your son is? my older two use the Easy Peasy curriculum that is a free online curriculum.
I wait a few day and if the fever hasnt broke I then take them to the doctor.
My 11 year old has autism and ADHD and diet has helped a lot with her behavior. I have to stay away from food colorings and anything with BHT in it she reacts really bad to anything with BHT in it. my whole family is on a paleo diet that has worked really well not just for my one daughter but for the whole family. 
personally I would homeschool I regret putting my four in public schools I just pulled them out over Christmas break the best thing I ever done. I think you should research it and really weigh the pros and cons.
I think it depends on the child my son just started to learn at age 6 and is now doing so well.
I have been a SAHM since my oldest daughter was born and I love staying home with my kids.
I'm thankful to stay home and homeschool all four of my kids I have been a SAHM since my oldest was born.
How awesome!
For me I just started homeschooling this month and so far I love it I love being able to teach my kids and spending time with them.
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