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that is just insane!
Welcome to Mothering
From what i saw in the video i say she does have aspergers. my oldest daughter has it.
The whole family is on a very strict diet we changed our diet because of the kids all with special needs we have noticed with our autistic daughter an our daughter with ADD the diet has help alot we have been on this diet for almost a year now we really didnt see great results until about 6 months of doing it so I would try and hang in there if you can a little longer. hugs
hugs I will keep your daughter in my thoughts and prayers
hugs i know how you feel I have three of my four kids who have autism it does get easier as time goes on my six year old daughter has it the worst. what i have learned to do is just talk to her like i do the others.
the first two three and a half years the other two 2 years
My DH is wonderful we both research things and try and help our special needs kids the best we can Im so blessed to have him.
Im glad you know whats wrong with her hugs
Welcome to mothering
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