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With my third baby, I felt pretty strongly that the baby was a boy, and surprise, she was a girl. It felt weird to have been so wrong all along.
Thank you again, everyone! How do you have someone removed from the vaccine registry? I woulld rather not have my children's school have access to that info.
Great, thank you very much. So, is this a form I can bring with me when I enroll them (available online somewhere)? Or do I need to actually pick it up from the school? I'm moving from out of state, and my kids will need to start school soon after we arrive, so I'd like to limit the lag time.
I'm in MN, and am in the process of enrolling my kids in school. While many of the sites I've consulted (like NVIC) say that MN has a religious exemption to vaccination, I can't find anything like that written in the actual health code (please correct me if I'm wrong!). All I can find are two options: doctor must submit a form indicating vaxing is medically harmful, or a parent submitting a notarized letter. This is the actual language I'm looking at:...
Lie-la. Like Liza, but with an L.
I like it better spelled Aja, although I'm not a fan of the name myself.
I agree that starting a pregnancy anemic is a really tough spot to be in -- it can automatically put you into a "high risk" category come delivery time. Maybe give the copper one more month and really try to up your iron. (Eat lots of things like pumpkin seeds) and see if it makes any difference at all. If you're still in the same boat you are now, why suffer through a year unnecessarily?
According to the manufactuer, Quote: May also shorten, lighten or even eliminate your periods—after one year of use, there may be up to a 90% reduction in menstrual bleeding, and 20% of Mirena® users had no bleeding or spotting at all. I know the amount of bleeding decreases the longer you have it in.
Yes, most women have a significant reduction in bleeding, and something like 50-60% (can't remember for sure) have a complete cessation of periods after several years of use.
I would seriously try the Mirena. It's very different than traditional hormonal BC -- the hormones are much lower dose, and they're not going through your digestive tract, they're localized to your reproductive organs. Plus, there's no estrogen. Most women tolerate Mirena very well -- it has one of the highest satisfaction rates of any form of BC (90+% say they're happy with it). I have one and am very satisfied, and have had it for almost two years. At this point, my...
New Posts  All Forums: