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I would put it on hold for a few months and try again. We also used the "wait for it" method with our sons and they both learned around 3 and a half, over night, no hassles. It was a simple thing. Now our youngest (a DD) is 2 and a half and I have no desire to get her on the potty yet. She will sit on the toilet no problems but doesnt "get" what to do yet. Its all about sitting, then grabbing some tp and flushing it to her. Family was pushing a bit when our middle son...
I think going from two to three was hardest for us. Part of the reason is, when our second was born, oldest was 3.5 and pretty independent. However when three came along our middle child was just turned two years old. He was still very much a "baby" and was very dependent. Also, we were officially outnumbered with three kids. I had enough hands to grab on to two of them in public if need be. With three kids, not as easy. Having said that, after the first few months it...
I second the Baby Jogger City series strollers. We have a City Mini double and love it. The handling is so easy and smooth and it folds up with no effort. They do have some actual joggers in the series.
Have you tried here? http://homefirst.com/ Ive heard lots of great things about them. GL!
Quote: Originally Posted by emma1325 I looked, and cannot find where you pulled your quote from. Can you please link me, if possible? http://pediatrics.aappublications.or...ds.2009-2489v1 page 8, center column, towards the bottom.
We are just finishing out first year of WI virtual. My son was vaccinated till about 18 months but I always just left the vaccination spots blank and checked religious exemption for regular public. This year, with virtual, I actually forgot to send in his paper work and they never said anything. I don't recommend that, but I do recommend just leaving the spaces blank and selecting your exemption. Its really not their business what your child has had in the past since they...
Quote: Originally Posted by Suka I wonder whats going threw the mind of non-vax mammas on here? Do you feel betrayed? Do you still stand by your decisions? As if my decision to not vaccinate was based on Dr. Wakefield's information? I hadn't even heard of him until I was firm in my decision not to vaccinate. I think the whole situation is unfortunate but it doesn't shake my beliefs one bit.
Our dog only gets the rabies vaccine per law. We don't vaccinate our kids.
You will have to get one from the health department. The daycare doesn't have to accept an exemption unless they receive funding from the gov. Most centers do, but private home daycares might not. Anyways here is the wording: Quote: Using the form provided by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, a student whose parent or guardian objects to immunization on the ground that the immunization conflicts with the parent's or guardian's bona fide religious...
I just got 18 month old DD's hair cut for the first time and we went with bangs. I also had her ends trimmed a bit so right now its pretty short over-all but I love it. Before dont mind the messy face After
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