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Sing it sister!
Well, my son ended up back at the dr.'s office today for a 4 hour appointment, his oxygen levels still way too low. This is how amazing my dr. is, he saw I was struggling with my older two and the baby, because bless their hearts but my 3 year olds were bored. He went and got a nurse and they sat in the nurses station coloring while I was dealing with the baby. I absolutely adore him! TO bring my kids to the hospital he had to get my car seats out of my car(I left...
so my youngest is very sick with asthma, I take my 3 to the dr, and the baby is screaming and fighting his way through 2 breathing treatments, i text my ex-i ask him to please come help me the baby is is very ill-he says "It's not my day, sorry". Then the dr tells me he has to call 911 and transport my baby and I via ambulance, my son is in respiratory distress, I have to leave my 3 year old twins at the dr.s office, they cannot go in the ambulance with me and the baby,...
I didn't get the specifics on exactly how she became uni, i was just trying to make it through the phone call with hysterical laughter. Of course Uni's reconstructive surgery will have to cut into child support Oh and I will be cleaning closets and shoes out, I will have a good amount of boy and girl shoes, I will post sizes tommorow
Thanks for the warm welcome! I don't understand the multi quote thing, or even single quote thing, can someone explain Just a bit of comical news: Ex husbands new girlfriend(the one who brought herself to my door and told my kids she is their new mommy) busted a implant...she is hence forth known as UNI I am a true believer in karma right now
so I think I'll try and keep up on this thread, though I've lurked forever. My name is Tiffany I have 3 kids, 3 yr old b/g twins, and a one year old boy. My youngest son is always quite ill. My husband had his new girlfriend show up at my house and introduce herself to me and then he left with her with her immediately afterward. It was such a feeling of relief, and freedom, and new beginnings to be honest. He was never particularly nice, and my life has fallen into...
Hi mamas!!!! My stbx up and left me and the children and took the savings account, i am opening a small etsy but was wondering about the survey sites and such? I have never done any but every little bit helps! I can't do in home childcare becase my youngest is sick and now there is noone but me to take him to dr. appts. TIA, i really really appreciate any tips or advice
A guy friend of mine is really hurting for $$, if i give him the cash he wotnt ake it so im going to buy him so groceries. I would like to get the most amount of healthy food possible for around 40.00. What would be some good ideas? THanks so much ladies!
I'm a 24 year old mom of 3(twins and a 18 month old). I have been absolutely miserable since i got pregnant with the baby. I don't know if i would say abusive, but if not he's right there. Yelling is constant. If i give my opinion or ask him to do it my way he throws a fit. He has told me that he thinks i am disgusting(i gained 80 lbs since ive had the kids). But he continues to bring me "presents" that include snickers. He basically forces them down my throat. IF...
Where can i buy one? About how much does it cost to start with? Do you really save that much on the electricity bill? Thanks girls are bills are 400.00+ and i am looking for some ways to save
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