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Congratulations mama, and happy babymooning!  Many blessings on your new little one!
I was seeing an OB for the first 26 weeks of my pregnancy.  I'm 32 weeks now, about to go see a former midwife, and she has asked what I would like to have done at this visit (love this woman).  She said CRP, and I had to look it up.    From some quick googling, I get that it is common to be elevated in late pregnancy, but that it might have some GD connection.  Is that the only reason one would test for it then, to get a more comprehensive look at one's GD status? ...
Congratulations mama!  Sounds like a wonderful birth!  Happy babymooning!
I go long, but not that long!  :o)  All my natural babies (first two were induced) have gone 6-8 days past due date, and one was 11 days past, and got kicked out with a healthy dose of castor oil, at my midwife's urging (that was my first homebirth). 
I don't see why you would need to go to the hospital to cut the cord.  :o)  All the tools you really need are towels, floss, a boiled pair of scissors, really mostly household items that anyone would have on hand.  As far as registering the birth, I don't know what France requires, but if you have anyone see you in a professional manner, a doctor or midwife, that will attest that you were pregnant, how far along and when, that has been enough for a birth certificate here...
Sorry I didn't see your answer till today!  Yes, that's what I'm referring to.  I haven't needed stitches yet, but I'd like to have some of this on hand at any rate.
What an awesome story mama!  You had a wonderful birth, I LOLed about the skewer, you knew what you needed to do.    Your pics are awesome, you have a beautiful family!  Many blessings and thank you for sharing!
Not that this is a laughing matter at all, I just had to say the image I got from the OP is of Bella being pregnant in the third Twilight book.  Ouch.   To the OP, I do hope you feel better soon!  I've never had anything beyond the under the ribs discomfort with any of my pregnancies, so I can't imagine actually feeling bruised.  (((HUGS)))
I'm doing it.  I'll do a smoothie immediately PP, and then the capsules after.  I'm gonna do it myself, it doesn't look hard, and my husband's on board, said he'd do it himself if I can't.  If a man can gut a deer or clean a fish, he can throw a placenta into a steamer.  :o)    I don't have a dehydrator though.  Is that a must?  Is there a big difference between using that or just doing it in an oven?  I'll buy one or borrow one if it's truly preferable.    I...
Congrats!    I've been worrying about this test the most from the very beginning.  I've never had high numbers before, never any issues in pregnancy or birth at all, and this is my 8th.  But I developed PCOS since my last baby, and with my "advanced age" of 36, and my last two weighing 9 1/2 and 10 lbs, two doctors have been fearmongering me all pregnancy.    There's a long story to this whole thing, with my care, but long story short, I let the OB do the test in...
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