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I just put It Starts with Food on hold at the library, since two of you recommended it.  Thank you.  Peace ~~
My curiosity is piqued about the paleo diet.  Would someone be able to tell me a good book to read to learn more about it?  Or, maybe a website?   Am also curious to know people's experiences eating a paleo diet?  What has been great about it?  Not so great?   TIA ~~ Peace   Curious in Seattle...aka joyfulheart!
Oh man, some awesome ideas -- I love the dried apple rings on the Christmas tree especially, and my boys would love to make those shrunken heads!    Does anyone know -- would birds eat dried apple rings?  I have no idea.  I could see putting them out on an outdoor tree -- maybe if you covered them in peanut butter and bird seed?    Peace ~~
What's the difference between apple cider and apple juice?    We juiced about a dozen of our apples this morning and it was out of this world!   Does apple juice freeze well? Peace ~~
Wow, thanks for all the great ideas!   mtiger -- I don't know what kind of apples they are.  They're smaller than ones you find in a store, mostly green with a reddish blush to them.    I think I may try an apple crisp....   Never made apple butter, though I am a jam/jelly maker...maybe that's a next too!   Thanks, again.  Peace ~~
Our apple tree had a bumper crop of juicy, delicious apples this year.  But, we can only eat so many fresh, in applesauce and apple pie, not that I've ever baked an apple pie, but still...   Any creative ideas for using apples?  (I would love an apple bread recipe.)    I would love to hear any and all ideas/recipes!! TIA!!  Peace ~~
Oh, I'm sorry to hear you got hurt!  And if you do gain this week, you've got a good attitude about it!   Thanks for the congrats.  Yes, indeed it feels go to have clothes that were tight feel loose!  So good.   My goal is to hit the 15 pound mark by my weigh in on Monday.  I've been losing so slowly, that I want to bump things up.   Peace ~
Looking good, Dmitrizmom!     I had my weigh-in today -- down 0.4 pounds.  Total loss 14.2 pounds!   Yesterday, it was really warm here and I was hesitant to put on a pair of capri pants as they were tight last summer and are one size smaller than the jeans I wore this winter, but I put them on and they were loose!!  Woo-hoo!!   Hope all's well with everyone!!   Peace ~~
20%!!  Woo Hoo!!  Good for you!!  That is amazing!!!  You must feel so good!!  Now, can you rub off on me, please?  I've lost 0.6 pounds in a month!!   Peace~~
Oh, do I need this thread!   I am a sahm.  DH works outside the home.  We just enrolled our ds in a private school that only takes students who struggle a great deal academically.  After a lengthy search, we decided he would really benefit from the program...so...we really have to cut back on our spending.  Really.   So, I am going to try not to spend money this month except on necessities -- although that's a pretty broad term!   Today, I did buy a tea at...
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