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Just had my weigh-in -- up 6 ounces.  Okay, I'm really happy it's only 6 ounces as I was a bad, bad girl last week.  I skipped exercising for 3 days and didn't track for 3 days!   I was expecting worse!!  Phew!!   Am back to tracking...   Hope all's well with everyone!!   Peace ~~
Drats.  Could you dilute your juice with sparkling water and make a spritzer-like drink??  I'm sorry you gained.  I totally know how that feels!  Darn.    
Oh, man!!  That is a huge loss!!  Good for you!!!  Woo-hoo!!!    
That's awesome that you're walking every day.  I am too, and it feels so great.  I'm not always motivated to get myself out there, but with a new dog, I just gotta do it! Dmitrizmom -- glad you're feeling better!!
How's everyone doing this week??   I've been barely staying within my points this week.  Sigh...I feel my motivation slipping!    Anyway today I did do water aerobics for an hour and walk the dog for 45 minutes, so I earned 8 activity points.  I think I'll just focus on the positive!  And that is a positive!!   Hope everyone's doing well!! Peace~~
Oh, that stinks.  I hope you're on the mend very, very soon!   I had my weigh in today.  Down, are you ready?  drum roll...4 ounces!  haha...well, it's better than gaining, which I thought was going to happen!   I love going to my meetings.  They're fun, and it's motivating.    Well, I think I will go take my dog for a nice, long walk now.  I know my walks are really helpig  my efforts, and I probably wouldn't go as often or as far if I weren't with my pup.   Peace to...
Yes, indeed -- starting a new week today!  Isn't there a WW quote of "It's a brand new day".   How about, "It's a brand new week!?!"   Hope everyone has a great week!   
Aw, thanks.   
Oh, that is awesome!!    27.2 pounds -- way to go!!   Um, my weigh in -- up 1.2 pounds....sigh....  
Oh, man, that's a lot!  Hope this week is looking up!   bejeweled -- good for you on the weight loss!!   Tomorrow is my weigh-in, and I haven't tracked the past 3 days!!  Yikes!!!   Wishing everyone a great week, especially you Ruthiegirl!   Peace ~~    
New Posts  All Forums: