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That is the best feeling, when you have lots of your fav veggies and fruits around.  Way to plan for a good weekend!    
Yes, indeed!!     
Yummy ideas!   Oh, I totally blew my points today.  I made myself a beautiful salad, and for my skinny minnies (kids!) I made fattucini alfredo.  Well, I couldn't resist.  I ate some, and some more.  Do you know how many points 1 cup of fettucini is?  17!!!!!!!!  Arggggg!!!!!    edited to add:  Wait a minute.  Doesn't 17 points for a cup seem really, really high??  Can it really be that much??    
Awesome that you've lost weight every week since mid-January!  Good for you!     
Yeah, that's great that you lost 2 pounds, Ruthiegirl!   I have a question for everyone.  What are your go-to food items that you love to eat and have low points values??  I was eating a "no-sugar added" fudgesicle after dinner, for 1 point and they are so yummy and satisfying, I thought it was a real treat.  I just read the ingredients, oh man, there is some big crap in there, so after this box is gone, no more.  Well, it was fun while it lasted!  Would love some...
Okay, so I had my weigh-in today.  I lost 2.5 pounds.  I didn't track because we were on vacation.  I ate pizza 3x and cake once and hardly exercised.  On the week I gained 2 pounds, I exercised 6 days and tracked.  Go figure.  I think my cycle is really playing into this.  I weigh less when I have my period and more mid-cycle.  We'll see how it plays out next month!  But, hey, I'm not complaining that I lost!!    Hoping everyone has a great week!  Dmitrizmom,  I...
I had my weigh in today -- lost 4.2 pounds.  Celebrated with some light popcorn and an unsweetened green iced tea! 
Thank you, Ruthiegirl.  I'll keep that in mind.  I guess slow and steady win the race, with some to-be-expected ups and downs.    On another subject, regarding tracking, our meeting leader last week said, "Only track points on the days you want to lose weight!"  Point well taken!   Everyone, thanks for the inspiration on this thread!  Peace ~       
Thank you.  You are right, it will!  
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